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Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya January 3rd 2014

Great! It has been three years since I last saw the land of my home country. I'm with my family and other relatives and together, we dive into the one of the beautiful beaches, in my own opinion anyway. Laiya, Batangas in the Philippines is very good and nice! We've spent the whole day there and ending up getting really tanned by the time we are all ready to go home. I truly recommend it for a family holiday. Another amazing thing is there are locals who will come and sell beautiful pearls! It's relatively cheap, everyone can afford it! ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya July 15th 2010

Being a Traveller has a lot of benefits… You gain more knowledge and become a street smart type of person… You develop your charm and confidence inside of you… You tend to understand and look at the bigger picture of dreadful situations… You develop your instincts when interacting with nature and different types of people… You become friendlier and try to open up yourself to everyone… And you learn about all kinds of people while observing them through their norms, beliefs and cultures… And there’s a lot more to learn that will make you grow as a real human being by sculpturing your perspectives in life’s natural design... I have been to a lot of places in and out of the country and as time passed by, I’ve learned and progressed a lot. I’ve developed a ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller at Laiya, Batangas
Happy Loner Traveller at Laiya, Batangas
Happy Loner Traveller at Coron, Palawan

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya September 18th 2008

First Get Away in 2008 ...The heat is on, and the first destination of SIEP for 2008 is La Luz Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas... Going there, I advise you guys to have a reservation first. The resort has a website in the net, with complete contact numbers. Although it will take you quiet a number tries before somebody answers the phone. The resort is only 2 hours away from Manila. In going there, I advise you to have a private car. During the time that we went there, we have to pass rough roads since road is not yet cemented. To sum it up, it is very easy to reach the resort since they made a good job in placing the signages of the resort location. We stayed there for overnight. The rooms were very ... read more
..water is perfectly blue..
Cozy Dinner by the beach

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya May 31st 2007

Last hurrah before La Niña strikes... and this was not even on my list of "to see places"! It just so happens that my company needs to give their employees a much needed rest! My money and vacation leaves have all but been saved for my trips on the coming months... and visiting Laiya wasn't really on the budget... Good thing is, the overnight stay has all but been paid off... So here we are at the Palm Beach Resort, enjoying the sun and the lack of it! Apparently, the non-stop puoring rain who has been seizing Manila like a storm (excuse the pun), would follow us all the way to Laiya!But nonetheless, the fun didn't end while it poured, it was actually refreshing given the fact that it the mountain rain was exquisitely fresh, ... read more
school of little fishies

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya May 5th 2007

La Luz, Laiya San Juan Batangas Escapade Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya By shee_hlrMay 5th 2007hopeInitial plan was Corregidor! It was not being pursued coz we don’t have the reservation… Til 1 of my contemporaries suggested to San Juan, Batangas. This town is a 4-hr drive from Manila. We were just 6, others not being informed (?)…..:( Well, we still have fun….have fun browsing our pix too  ... read more
rose, Me, ate M & banggigay
kulitan pose
certified not a white sand, But, certified clear waters

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Laiya July 29th 2006

boiled eggs remind me of long bus trips and the odor of a foul vomit. and more. when i was young and life was less harder then, father and i usually went to neighboring towns either to sell our stuff or replenish the stocks. we were running a dry goods business. this was in the late eighties when the local retail industry for dry goods was still strong. in my young half-educated age, i knew we were doing well. i and my sister jesse got to have new matching dresses every two weeks or so. and matching pair of shoes for them. i would realized later, long after the aftermath of the bankruptcy was felt, that my younger siblings did not have such kind of luxury. father has this serious obsession with cleanliness and hygiene. i ... read more

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