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Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao February 27th 2020

Dive photographers are something of a rare breed. As you’ll discover if you ever give it a go yourself, it takes a certain degree of perverse perseverance. And in our modern world of instant gratification, perseverance is something of a dying trait. Truth is, once upon a time all photography was this hard. Back when it all began you forked out a fortune for all manner of unwieldy equipment with which to practice your art: cameras, tripods, film, flashlights, developers & darkrooms. All this to create hazy sepia images of wealthy repressed side-burned gentlemen who all looked like they'd previously placed some unwieldy equipment of their own up their nether regions. It seemed to take an age for folk to discover that foreign objects were not strictly de rigueur, and that photos looked much better if ... read more
Yellow Lionfish
Nighttime Squid
Flamboyant Cuttlefish

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao November 2nd 2017

ANILAO 2 THE STORM I settled into a routine…eat, dive, relax, eat again. The diving was easy and there was so much to see. The weather was foul; heavy winds and heavy rain. It just got worse and worse, but we are divers, right? It makes little difference underwater. So we got up, ate breakfast and went to the boat. Surface intervals were very cold. I was hungry for the sun. Then one of the staff told us there was a typhoon in Leyte and we were getting winds and rain because of it. On the way back to my room after lunch I glanced up at my bungalow and wondered if it might slide down the hill. Then I shook off the thought…don’t borrow trouble I told myself. The fifth night I woke to use ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao October 28th 2017

SOUTH PACIFIC - PHILIPPINES ANILAO My time in Puerto Galera was nearly over. On the last day I got in the pool with Bria. After lunch we joined Steve and went to the beach. There was quite an extensive shopping area and I purchased a couple of t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Then we went to the water’s edge. I had parcels so Steve and I took turns watching our purchases and wallets and playing in the water. When we got to the hotel we discovered that the whole group was again invited to dinner at a special villa that the hotel rents. It was basically the same routines as the night before, but the food was good and the larger dive group made it more interesting. I did not stay for the karaoke. I packed and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Anilao September 17th 2012

Eversince I was a kid, everytime I watch someone doing Scuba Diving on TV, I just can’t help but dream that I was doing it too. Scuba Diving has always been on top of my bucketlist. I love the ocean and its world below so much, it’s as if I feel that I’m one of the lost sons of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea, that I’m a DemiGod who gets his strength and powers from the sea. Every single time I get back to the beach, only one feeling exists in my body and that is the sense of relaxation. The wind massaging my physique, the sand scrubbing my feet like footspa, the ocean bringing me into another world within the Earth, an even better world wherein those creatures living there knows how to ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller Scuba Diving In Anilao Batangas
Happy Loner Traveller Scuba Diving In Anilao Batangas
Happy Loner Traveller Scuba Diving In Anilao Batangas

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