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July 14th 2009
Published: July 27th 2009
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Brian and I were given the amazing opportunity to stay with a family for a week in small town Philippines. Our friend and co-worker here in Taiwan, Kristina is a Filipina Canadian who hadn’t been back to her home country for seventeen years. So when we were given a week off from school, her and her husband decided it was time to go back to the homeland. And in some very fortunate circumstances, ... Read Full Entry

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Boat againBoat again
Boat again

It was about a half hour ride. Unfortunately we got a look at some serious pollution. There was about 10 minutes of garbage free water during the middle of the trip. I'm not talking just a floating bag or two either.

The Japanese bombed the crap out of the island in 1942. The U.S. had built quite a base there beginning in the 1920s.
Big gunsBig guns
Big guns

I believe these took at least 13 men each to operate
The crewThe crew
The crew


Another trip with the brown shorts and one backup pair. Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines, Taipei... when will they die?
Really big gunReally big gun
Really big gun

I believe this one took 33 men to operate

The bombed out buildings, including these barracks, were left as they were to honor the dead soldiers.
Malinta TunnelMalinta Tunnel
Malinta Tunnel

It's absolutely ridiculous how big this complex is, what it held and that it was built in the 1920s and 30s
General McArthur's statueGeneral McArthur's statue
General McArthur's statue

and famous quote "I shall Return". The theme of Kristina's trip was "I have returned!"

There were lots on the side of the road in Subic Bay. Well, in Bataan too.
Giant BatsGiant Bats
Giant Bats

It's hard to tell how big they are, except when you realize that this pic is from the ground and that tree is really, really tall. Also in Subic Bay
Finally, the BeachFinally, the Beach
Finally, the Beach

The only two hour beach visit during our entire week in the Philippines. It was good.
Subic BaySubic Bay
Subic Bay

with another of Kristina's cousins. Her and her husband were awesome! We partied hard this night.
Cousin Ellen and JuneCousin Ellen and June
Cousin Ellen and June

They spoiled us rotten!
Cousin EllenCousin Ellen
Cousin Ellen

Knows how to party!

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