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September 18th 2008
Published: September 18th 2008
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SIEP Leaps 2 at Water Front Morong Bataan

This is one of the unforgettable trip that I had. June of 2008, SIEP marks its 2nd year anniversary. All was set, and it's rain or shine. Yeah right... make that with or with out Super Typhoon..

Go as it was planned!!! That's the spirit... so there we were, 30 people all in all. Due to budget constraints, we went there thru rented PUJ (in fairness, Aircon nman). Morong Bataan is 4 hrs away from Manila. We passed thru NLEX, and had 2 major stop over beacause of flat tire. (Lucky stars are not our side during that day). As a frequent user of NLEX, I think it will be very much faster if you'll pass through SCTEX (though tolls will not be budget friendly).

Amidst of Supertyphoon Frank, we reached Morong Bataan, and immediately had our lunch. We stayed there for overnight. Good thing about this resort is they have big rooms. We only rented 2 big rooms (the largest that they have). It's good for 15 persons. The room is aircondition, Beach front, double deck bed (wooden, the lower deck is too low, a 5 foot person can't sit without his head being hit). The room has only one T&B. Meaning the 15 persons will have to que to use it. Not very comfy for large number of people. No Hot & Cold Shower too.

The resort is serving food, and this is very advisable for overnight travelers like us. Although I find the food expensive. They served it at lunch, snack, dinner & bfast. I am not sure if the price for the meal is 750 or 900. But we experienced food shortage. With that I am not also sure if the resort's serving is just small, or we just have big tummies.

Good thing about the resort is that they have a swimming pool. We tried the beach, and it seems so nice. With its fine brown sand. But we stayed only for a while for safety reasons. Supertyphoon Frank is already on town, carrying huge waves. The pool is a good back up. Water is warm and seems so clean. The pool was definitely part of the enjoyment. I recommend you guys to use the pool only upto 6 PM. Bunch of my friends tried it at 8 PM, and have seen Kermit & Kero-keroppi enjoying the water. ( I guess they have shiftings- dayshift for people & nighshift for frogs!)

The resort has an available videoke which you can use for free. They have volleyball nets too.

It seems that I had a lot of complaints.. I almost forgot that this is a budget trip. I only spent Php 1,500 all in. These event is a teambuilding for SIEP, and the contribution that I paid already include the prizes for the games and snacks on our way to Bataan. Above all the, the event has served its purpose. I gained new acquaintances and network of course. I got to know SIEP people, and this is the most improtant.

Highly recommended for budget travelers. Just check the rates on their website. 😊


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