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January 2nd 2011
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Yesterday was another garbage day on the weather front, but a couple of things happened which were worthy of note - well in my mind anyway.

First we had brekkie in Guinobatan CBD, just Squish, myself and her brother and sister (Arthur and Annie). This is the very first time we've had a meal with an entourage of ess than 8. Also the first brekkie I've had that wasn't western based fast food, Pancit Lapad, flat tagliatelle type noodles with a very strong egg flavour mixed with some shredded noodles - pretty nice actually despite its simplicity. The Filipinos really need to learn what bread is about though. The dread rolls resemble scones rather than bread - sweet and stodgy. ZTM a business opportunity perhaps???? ;-)

We then went shopping in the local 'wet market'. I think I'll simply let the pics tell the story. Although it's a real pity my camera which has a bucket load of whistles and bells (from panoramic shots through to GPS and compass) doesn't have the ability to capture smells. The smoked fish section in particular was a remarkable 'cacophony'. I know it's the wrong word for the sense of smell, but I works for me. Think of a flock of seagulls all calling at once and then translate that into smells. It was FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC.

Next, we had a couple of guys install a gate at the side of the house. They chipped (manually) holes in the masonary wall, hammered in some reo and welded the gate prior to cementing it in place. Again, I think the pictures will tell the story better than any wordcraft.

Finally, I cooked my famous pasta sauce, sans anchovies and chillie salami. Somehow it worked - used crab paste (Talangka) and a spicy paste called Alamang together with fresh micro chillies. It seemed to be a success as many came for seconds and some too portions home for family members who couldn't make it. One interesting thing was hat, there is not enough cutlery and crockery (melamine) to go around, so people queued and took turns to eat.

Side note: premium minced (ground) steak sells for 198P/kg - a shade under AUD5.

Additional photos below
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Veggie SectionVeggie Section
Veggie Section

Tomatoes, onions and garlic portioned up
Seafood section Seafood section
Seafood section

This place had the BEST smells/aromas
The Welding RigThe Welding Rig
The Welding Rig

Norton - bring back memories of WIA????
Plug in the welderPlug in the welder
Plug in the welder

. . . YES - it's plugged in at the other end and there's no on/off switch - permanently live
and away we goand away we go
and away we go

more in the video

5th January 2011

Worksafe & WIA
Bonjour mon ami Thoroghly enjoying travelogue (what gondolas?). Surprised / impressed at your WIA comment !!!! Hmmm, opportunity for a Home / DIY welder kit ?? Obviously WIA were not thinking outside the square in those days. Strike an arc and SQUINT !!!!!!!!! Norton

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