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September 16th 2014
Published: September 17th 2014
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Passu GlacierPassu GlacierPassu Glacier

Can see hotel 'Glacier Breeze' just bottom right.
After crossing border stayed in a Puso hotel, just below the Pasu glacier, which was just 500m behind hotel, but impenetrable thicket stopped getting close.

This would be real high mountains, black & very steep, if anything trasformation from bare mountain to scrub then cultivation that changes as U drop dow valley. Initially a sharp V, with no flat ground to a more gentle V where sides are cultivated, finally big U shape. As always water makes the ground flourish, the Pakistani people have to work hard on irrigation canals.

Karakuram highway is near perfect road, but little traffic, not sure lack of wealth or fuel, with the Attabad lake blocking road, all goods must either travel from China or be lifted on/off boats, so bulk fuel would be tough. Do see 150cc bikes nearly always two up moving about. Also small buses, stuffed with people & roof racks well loaded, occasionally with extra passengers hanging on.

Attabad lake formed in 2010 when big landslide blocked valley and Hunza river, flooding 14km of valley 6000 people lost their homes, caused much hardship in area, blocked road transport. wanted PIC of boats being
irrigation canal cut in mountainirrigation canal cut in mountainirrigation canal cut in mountain

View from my breakfast table. Unfortunately canal was disused, but was lot of effort to cut original channel.
carried over landslide by two big 360° diggers together, but some job, also some PICs of a bus or Jeeps on boats, we only saw people and smal motor bikes.

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Hotel in PassuHotel in Passu
Hotel in Passu

Double room, 2000rb, approx 19$, one of 4 hotels.
Passu suspension bridgePassu suspension bridge
Passu suspension bridge

About 100m rope bridge, rather like U try at go ape in UK, but no safety wire, But also hard to get too, almost need guide or more time than we had.
Passu CathedralsPassu Cathedrals
Passu Cathedrals

Famouse peaks in area. Can see message on hill side just above river. 'HAZIR IMAM' some community based message, theam is:- they have nice mountain area, let tourism create jobs (for youth) and sustainable wealth for the community.
Green sides to valleyGreen sides to valley
Green sides to valley

Think village is Gulmit
road worksroad works
road works

KKH was good road, some areas towards lake are being rebuilt to align with new road on east side of lake.
Boats on Attabad lakeBoats on Attabad lake
Boats on Attabad lake

Very much still river where boats tie up, requires skill to get alongside. Powerful engines on either side, with a rudder, but is as much traffic jamb of too many boats.
no landing jettyno landing jetty
no landing jetty

Just steep dusty bank to roll bikes down, with extra labour
on Lakeon Lake
on Lake

Approx 14km long of cold milky glacial water, a nice 45min boat ride.
400kg Harley Davidson400kg Harley Davidson
400kg Harley Davidson

Team of people helped retrain it, no problem.
New road on east sideNew road on east side
New road on east side

Can U see trucks, is a huge project, completion next year.
New tunnelsNew tunnels
New tunnels

Just huge, can U see lorry just tipped more stone.

This where we unloaded on landslide jetty, now has almost tarmack roads.
below lakebelow lake
below lake

4 steep hairpins & more roadworks and back to Hunza valley. By now Harley was low on fuel, freewheel down hills, we found fuel in Aliabad - 350km on trip counter.

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