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Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Hunza August 14th 2018

Sost is Pakistan’s border town, even though it is 84km from the actual border. We knew it is only a small place so hadn’t rushed up there, even thought we know morning is when the only public transport there is would have gone. Instead of plan was stay in Passu for the morning and then see what ride we could to find. Knowing that might take time we had decided we wanted to be hitting the road about mid-afternoon. When the time came we checked out of our hotel and set ourselves up on the Highway just outside. More traffic was heading south than north though it was still barely a trickle. After half an hour maybe half a dozen vehicles had gone past which were either full or just going to the village. One car ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Hunza August 13th 2018

Passu is a small isolated village, with just one shop, one cafe and a few hotels. It is dominated by the very photogenic 6100m high jagged peaks of the Cathedral Range. The locals speak Wakhi, the same as in the Tajikistan and Afghanistan Wakhan Valley, which we figured must literally be not far over the mountains behind us. The young guys running our hotel are a perfect combination of relaxed and helpful. The wifi also works well, when the power is on, which often it’s not. Our room was at the back, which was perfect. Not only is there something nice about being at the end of the corridor, particularly when there is a window seat at the end, but we looked out onto a couple of fruit trees and behind that Passu glacier spilling down ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Hunza August 12th 2018

The Hunza Valley is said to be the inspiration behind the mythical valley of Shangri-La in James Hilton’s 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon.’ It’s really not hard to see why. Rehman is infamous in the Pakistan traveller network for hosting foreigners at his family’s home in Ghulkin, a small village in the Hunza Valley just 15 minutes from Gulmit. We’d got in touch with him a few days before to see if we could stay the night. Busy hosting a tour for a British Pakistani family he arranged for his wife Sitara to look after us. She called us the night before to arrange for a family friend to collect us from our Gulmit guesthouse early on Saturday morning. This is Pakistan so little runs on time and our lift was almost an hour late. We didn’t ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Hunza August 11th 2018

We were woken at 5am by water gushing out of the tap. All the hotels had water issues and amid many apologies our bathroom bucket had been being filled for us with big bottles of water. The water in Karimabad comes from the glaciers so what comes out of the taps is black/grey and we were definitely not going to complain about having clear water to wash with. The cold water had come back on the night before but this was the hot tap bursting into life that rudely woke us. We got up and watched sunrise on the mountains and valley from our terrace. We also discovered that with no one else up we had a great mobile data signal so uploaded our videos at the same time. Then we dived back in to use ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Hunza September 16th 2014

After crossing border stayed in a Puso hotel, just below the Pasu glacier, which was just 500m behind hotel, but impenetrable thicket stopped getting close. This would be real high mountains, black & very steep, if anything trasformation from bare mountain to scrub then cultivation that changes as U drop dow valley. Initially a sharp V, with no flat ground to a more gentle V where sides are cultivated, finally big U shape. As always water makes the ground flourish, the Pakistani people have to work hard on irrigation canals. Karakuram highway is near perfect road, but little traffic, not sure lack of wealth or fuel, with the Attabad lake blocking road, all goods must either travel from China or be lifted on/off boats, so bulk fuel would be tough. Do see 150cc bikes nearly always ... read more
irrigation canal cut in mountain
Hotel in Passu
Passu suspension bridge

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