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July 5th 2013
Published: July 5th 2013
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11th August 1970

Dear Sunita,

I was pleased to get your loving letter. I am sure your mother will change her mind sooner or later. Don’t forget what the bajay said.

Thank you for the nice red kiss, but I wish it had been on my lips instead of the letter! My leg is much better now, so don't worry. I haven’t had the tear in my trousers mended yet, so I'm wearing another pair. They were old trousers, so I may give them away.

I did talk to Sabitha about leaving the UN. She's very nice, and I like her a lot, but there is nothing she can say to change the situation. It's time for me to return to England. Remember, I am just a volunteer, and came on a two year assignment. I suppose I could apply for a proper UN job, but I haven’t enjoyed the work here. Mixing people from different work cultures, Nepali, Palestinian, Greek, British and so on doesn't work well. I will go back to England and get a good job, and then your mother will be satisfied that I can give you a good life.

Oh yes! Sabitha sent me a ticket for the French Film Festival. I sat next to her as her guest. The film was called Je t'aime. Je t'aime. The hall was full, no doubt because of the title! It was about a man who was sent back in time and the scientists were unable to bring him back to the present. It really was a stupid film, and the sound track was faulty so I didn't enjoy it.

Don't worry about the girls at the Soaltee hotel. I go from time to time just for a change. I don't like sitting in my dark flat - except when you are there!

It's raining a lot at present, and all my clothes are getting mouldy. There's even mould inside the camera lens, so I fear it's ruined. It's my father's Zeiss Ikon camera, so he'll be pretty angry with me!

Well, no more news. I hope to get a letter from you soon. I miss you so much. Please obey your mother and come back soon! I hope you have not forgotten me.


Frank XXXX


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