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June 23rd 2013
Published: June 23rd 2013
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2nd of June, 1970

Dear Suni,

Thank you for your lovely letter. I liked the photo, but I am sorry you have cut your hair. I liked your long hair. But you look beautiful whether it's long or short, so I won't complain. Now you look like a French girl.

I miss you too. You mustn't spend your time crying. You must make the most of your time there, but I hope you don't get tempted by those French boys! I 'm glad you are learning lots of French. You are very good at languages, aren't you?

Here’s an interesting story for you. I was in the “The Oriental” the other evening (you know, the restaurant just off New Road), with an American Tom Dooley girl (she’s an air hostess) and her Tibetan girl friend from the Jawalkhel refugee camp. The Tibetan girl told us that a man was winking at her, and I could see her fuming with rage. Then suddenly she got up, walked over to him, asked him why he was winking, and when he made some silly reply, slapped him, and returned to their table in a rage. The American girl and I were so embarrassed, and told her that she should not have taken any notice. But she replied that we didn't understand how bad that behaviour was in this society, and that if she ignored it, she would lose her reputation.

Nothing else much happens. Oh, yes! Talking of Jawalakhel, a Tibetan about my age who works in the carpet weaving factory there comes to my place once or twice a week to teach me Tibetan tunes on the flute. I'll play you some tunes when you return. It's enjoyable, but not as enjoyable as when you came to my flat! We play much better tunes!

No more news. I look forward to your next letter!

Lots of love,

Frank xxx


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