Master of the Moon: Chapter 25

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June 22nd 2013
Published: June 23rd 2013
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May 15th, 1970

Dear Frank,

I hope this finds you in good health as it leaves me. I am having a wonderful time in Paris. It is a beautiful city with a wonderful Metro. I like riding on it very much. I go shopping with my girl-friends. There are many fantastic clothes and perfumes in the shops, but everything is very expensive. French people are very kind and sophisticated. Everything is very clean and orderly. Special trucks arrive at the end of the day to collect the rubbish from the shops. In the houses they have carpets which cover the whole floor, and they put coloured paper with beautiful designs on the walls! I am busy doing my course. It is quite hard work, but languages are easy for me to learn. I like talking French. I feel clever when people understand me. I miss my mother and my sisters and I miss you and I am crying all the time. I wish you could be here with me. We could many interesting things together. The boys call out: 'Hello pretty!' and I don't reply. I am happy that I am beautiful just for you. I hope you like the picture. Please write to me.

Love and kisses,



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