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April 14th 2005
Published: April 21st 2005
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Our time in India has been great, although a little traumatic. Probably the most enjoyable part was actually experiencing India and seeing all the wonderful, colourful places and people. And most importantly, eating all the food we can at bargain prices.

Let's see if our good memories of India outweigh the bad.


21st October 2005

your website sux
i would like 2 say that u'r website sux and u should accually put in sights to see in india not wat is good 2 do in india i have pretty much made myself clear '~your website sux loser!!!!~'from the bestest chick in the world!!!!!!!!:)
7th March 2006

25th April 2006

He's right this website does suck I asked for sites to see in India not for things to do. If this is things that you should see. This is dumb thats like saying oh yah MacCdonalds you have to see it, it's so historical!!!
21st February 2010

Its amazing how people have no conscience about screwing the poor. No-one is laughing when you walk away with goods at a quarter of the price, what will 10 rupees do? Did you ever think about who it is affecting??? Its the poor man or woman who worked on the fields/factory/street for less than a dollar a day - for you to "while you walk out with a bag full of wares"...then have the audacity to say it will last three months. You truly are a sad pathetic excuse for a human being. Where's your humanity??? Third world is what India will remain - with the Western society still raping them and screwing them from running a well run economy!
27th February 2010

Not so pathetic
There is no requirement for anybody to ever agree to selling something at a price they are not happy with. So I have come to learn having lived in a developing country for the last few years. If I walk away feeling good about a cheap price, I can be sure that the vendor is just as happy as he as probably still sold it at a greater than normal margin. This only of course applies to vendors working the tourist strips - where business is free flowing and customers are ever present. Sheena - I believe your comments would be more applicable to a local non-tourist shop that is not used to dealing with tourists and therefore does not over-inflate prices.

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