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June 6th 2005
Published: June 23rd 2005
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Patan has a unique atmosphere which is due to its compact scale and the remarkable vivacity of its temple architecture, with a Durbar Square more densely packed with Hindu temples than Kathmandu, and a total of 55 major temples and 136 monasteries. Also known as Lalitpur ('beautiful town'), Patan is officially the Kathmandu Valley's second largest city, although it has now been effectively absorbe... Read Full Entry

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Nicely carved wellNicely carved well
Nicely carved well

The wells' main function, though, is to provide clean water
Lady at entrance to Jagannarayan MandirLady at entrance to Jagannarayan Mandir
Lady at entrance to Jagannarayan Mandir

Behind the lions you can see a golden Garuda, the faithful bird headed vehicle of Vishnu
Stone lions guarding the Krishna MandirStone lions guarding the Krishna Mandir
Stone lions guarding the Krishna Mandir

This way, Lord Krishna is definitely well protected
Entrance to Vishvanath Shiva MandirEntrance to Vishvanath Shiva Mandir
Entrance to Vishvanath Shiva Mandir

Standing on a three stage plinth, this two-storeyed temple is dedicated to Shiva
Northern Ashokan StupaNorthern Ashokan Stupa
Northern Ashokan Stupa

Dedicated to the emperor Ashoka (3rd century BC) who converted to Buddhism
Five-storeyed Kumbeshwar MandirFive-storeyed Kumbeshwar Mandir
Five-storeyed Kumbeshwar Mandir

Some 300m north of Durbar Square stands the oldest existing temple in the city
Music performanceMusic performance
Music performance

This group of Nepali was playing music for a ceremony in the courtyard of the Kumbeshwar Mandir
Scene of religious lifeScene of religious life
Scene of religious life

Women receiving blessing from a priest at the Kumbeshwar Mandir
Golden TempleGolden Temple
Golden Temple

Close to the Durbar Square this is the most visited temple in Patan
Rato Macchendranath wooden doorRato Macchendranath wooden door
Rato Macchendranath wooden door

Klaudia posing in front of one fantastically carved temple door
Rato Macchendranath lionRato Macchendranath lion
Rato Macchendranath lion

The two photographers definitely needed a creative break
Rato Macchendranath roof strutsRato Macchendranath roof struts
Rato Macchendranath roof struts

Carvings on the struts depict various deities with lesser beings placed deferentially at their feet
Festival chariotsFestival chariots
Festival chariots

These enormous chariots are used to trundle the deity through the streets of Patan
Chariot wheelChariot wheel
Chariot wheel

Just look at the sheer size of the wheel to get an idea of the overall size of the chariot
Bronze Garuda statueBronze Garuda statue
Bronze Garuda statue

This wonderful statue can be found together with many others inside the Oku Bahal Mandir
Mahabouddha MandirMahabouddha Mandir
Mahabouddha Mandir

This temple dedicated to the thousand Buddhas is situated in a small courtyard southeast of Durbar Square

2nd March 2006

Fabulous Photography
I live just around the place where most of these pictures in Patan are taken. It is marvellous to see such attention to detail in every picture and information about the places. The article truly represent the exact lifestyle and culture where we live. I congratulate Stephan and Klaudia Mandl for a truly splendid job. Cheers!!!
20th December 2012
Patan's Durbar Square

historical impotance about patan durbar square

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