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November 26th 2006
Published: November 26th 2006
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Well I'm on the road again and fighting fit, I walked today. Kento (my horse) stayed at the lodge just in case he was needed again. But today I felt good enough to make the 4 hour walk to Lukla.

Yesterday I even made it out into Namche Market for a little shopping. It was a bit disturbing to see I humn cranium for sale though. I dread to think what the story behind tat was.

The lowlands here are beautiful, and dare I say it actually much pretty than the land above the tree line. After three glasses of red wine and a chicken sizzer I feel almost alive again. We've reached our last waypoint in the mountains and tomorrow I fly back to Kathmandu.
I've just come back from watching a Martial Arts display on the Lukla airstrip. Quite picturesque at sunset I assure you. The group had one woman in and I can only assume they were amature martial artists as their pressups were sloppy. I couple of Nepalese girl were giggling at my camera and the wild Yak which seemed to be pursuing them and me.

Today we made a tip presentation to the porters which was really nice and quite emotional they each received $60 USD which is about two weeks wages. Rolfe assured us that this was a very generous tip and more than most get. He said this money would be vital to their winter survival. I also donated me first aid kit (minus the immodimum and micropur - i'm allergic to plasters).

You'll all be pleased to know I'm well on the road to recovery again. Despite the piss being taken out of me and my horse by the Northern contigency in the group (bloody scots 😊 ) I'm well on the road to recovery and am looking forward to Kathmndu and my long awaited Yak steak tonight.


26th November 2006

Good to hear!
Good to hear you're making progress, both back home and back to health! :) Also good to hear the Scots are up to form! Love Mark Becky Evan and Luke

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