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November 28th 2006
Published: November 28th 2006
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Sherpa EntourageSherpa EntourageSherpa Entourage

Back in Lukla. All the porters that got us there
Just to let you know that I've now managed to complete the missing parts of my previous entries. Last nights celebratory meal was good. Though the moral questions whether it is right to buy a bottle of wine which costs most half a month's wages here for most people is a good one. The food is still repeating on me now.

I woke up the other morning and listening to some music I had brought along. Pearl Jam - 'Alive' is a good song to wake to once you've completed this experience.

Yesterday I went around a few shops buying some presents for everyone back at home. Two lads in their early teens followed me back one of them did most of the talking. I never felt threatened. 'Where are you from?... Tell me the name of any country and I'll tell you the capital.' I realled offf a few places which I thought would stump him but he got them all. Then it was my turn. 'Honduras' he said. I never had a cle. They was no doubt this guy knew his capital for which I praised him but when I got to the gate of the hotel
Lukla airport sunsetLukla airport sunsetLukla airport sunset

Sunset over the airstrip
he asked me one further question 'Please sir can I have some milk for my younger brother?' I declined. It's played on my mind since. I went to help these people so much, but everything you read tells you not to give to beggars as it just creates more and a society based on begging isn't a good one. I think I believe that, but it doesn't make it any easier. I have come to the conclusion that probably the best thing I could have done is to give him some advice. tell him what the books say and tell him the the only way to get around it is to sell me something or do something (polish shoes, street entertain, etc) sounds idealistic but that way the beggars are selling, not begging.

At 4pm I leave the hotel for the Airport. This time the airport will be chaos, i'm not looking forward to it but then after everything that has happened it should be easy.

A police officer, Maxillo-facial surgeon and part time screen writer, nurse, doctors, actress, farmer, librarians, teacher, plumber... the list goes on but one thing we have in common is we all undertook

Typical crazy street in Kathmandu. It was a welcome return to the the chaos.
the same crazy challenge to go to Base Camp.

I'm coming home.

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These boots were made for walkingThese boots were made for walking
These boots were made for walking

Ahhh... These can retire for a bit now

18th January 2007

Bloody Scots!!
Hi Gareth, I have just read all of your journal. A jolly wheeze aswell. It's been two months since we achieved our goals. Life is almost normal again, and I am trying to put some photos together. Any chance of some of yours? Remember I did do some good spotting for you . Hope all is well with you and like me, there is not an ounce of brain wanting to go back. Alan
17th November 2007

Alan I'm really sorry I haven't got back to you, I stopped checking this site some time ago and I've just gone back into it. Now just about ready to start another one, i've decided to do the arctic survival challenge in 2009, figure the survival skills may be useful. No problem on the photos i'll burn all I have off for you, what's your address. How have you been keeping? Apologies again G How are you?

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