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December 1st 2007
Published: December 1st 2007
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Oh, malaise. I've been doing so well for all this time travelling, but the traveller's bug had to get me sometime. After a delicious meal on Wednesday night, which somehow didn't agree with me, I spent all of Thursday between my bed in Shivapuri cottage and the toilet, with awful nausea, cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. I don't think I've ever felt that sick. However, as I said the next day, I had 'Glueck im Unglueck' (German for 'fortune within misfortune') - in the midst of all that agony I felt quite blessed that I had the bug in a comfortable cottage rather than in one of those cold Tibetan places we staid in. Jas, the cook, whom I adopted as my 'uncle', and 'bai' (brother) Sonam - both of whom respectively adopted me as their 'baini' (little sister)and 'didi' (older sister) - were very sweet and brought me cups of tea and 'ginger water' throughout the day, as well as rehydration liquids. So, things could have been a lot worse. After 24 hours, I began to feel vaguely alive again, and ventured outwards to have some dry toast, plain rice and bananas. So far so good - until the nausea got the better of me again last evening and I spent the night throwing up, instead of sleeping.

I am however on the mend. After a visit to the Nepali International Clinic in Kathmandu today, which is auspiciously headed by a 'Dr Buddha', I was informed that I had a mild bacterial infection, most likely caused by food poisoning. As it's on the way out, there is no need for me to do anything, other than stick to rice and other bland foods for the moment - if I can get those down.

This event has thrown my plans to go to North-West Nepal with Angel on Friday somewhat. We re-scheduled and arranged to meet today at lunchtime instead. When Angel didn't show up at our meeting point, I called him to check where he was. 'Tiziana! I am so sick!', he whimpered (not unlike myself two days previously). 'I've been vomiting all night and all day. Can you come to my home?' This I did, and I found him in pretty much the same state I was in on Thursday, surrounded by his adopted children and his pregnant wife. Seems like our trip to his parents' village will have to be postponed until my next visit to Nepal, as today I managed to book a flight (or shall that read: three flights) to Pakistan - to Islamabad via Delhi and Lahore, in two days. Beats a 36 hour bus journey to Delhi! As ambivalent as I feel about visiting Pakistan, I'm glad I made a decision, and I am actually very intrigued to see what it's really like over there. Pakistan is the last 'official', sort-of scheduled leg of my trip, which, all going well, ends on the 23rd December. At this stage, I'm actually looking forward to some 'stationary time' in January: I'm planning to go to Rishikesh, North India, for some yoga. It'll probably be badly needed after visiting Pakistan!


1st December 2007

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Travel safely and enjoy, love and blessings Katinka
2nd December 2007

Hope you feel better!
I am awed by your stamina, hope you're already recovered from the bug. Love, Geraldine
2nd December 2007

Sie Arme! Wie unerquicklich! Führen Sie bitte immer ein, zwei Beutelchen mit Elektrolyten mit sich. Zumindest in entlegenen Gegenden. Falls es Sie etwas schlimmer beutelt, kann der Beutel retten, bis der Arzt kommt. Müsste es, wie in Indien freiverkäuflich überall geben und wiegt nicht viel. Ja, wie gut, dass sie eine stattliche Behausung hatten, hoffentlich mit eigenen Klo. Das mit dem kein Wasser ( außer Flasche), kein Eis, kein Salat, kein nicht schälbares Obst, das wissen Sie ja eh. Bleibt mir, das Beste zu wünschen. Ich wünsche Genesung!
3rd December 2007

poor you!
make sure you take care of yourself out there.. remember the ginger powder you used to force down my throat whenever i was sickly!! xxx
4th December 2007

in awe
hi Tiziana..I am so in awe of your stamina...just loving your bloggs and adventures....much love, koko x

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