Blog Entry 12 - John Bodilly Hill And the Triumphant Return Of Prem

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October 21st 2014
Published: October 21st 2014
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Blog Entry 12

On Saturday our Senior Guide Giri sent our most Junior Guide Prem down to a lower village to sort some things for our final descent ... this fact will become important later in the bog.

After our Ascent to Gokyo Ri on Saturday, the weather turned, engulfing the Khumbu Valley in yet another October blizzard.

During the whiteout, we were talking about our descent (which was scheduled to commence the following morning) and John commented that "with all this snow and ice its going to be tough getting up that step hill between here and Marchemo."

"That steep hill?" we inquired, "what steep hill?"

John went on to insist that "there is that one really steep stretch of trail and its protected from the sun so it will be icy as all get out." (John did not real say "all get out" but this is a family blog).

Anyway, John continued talking about this steep, icy section of trail and we continued to not know what he is talking about ... until the next day ... on the first day of our descent ... as we stood their ... in horror ... looking up at another trekking group three-pointing their way down a near vertical section of ice. At that moment, the steep was renamed "John Bodilly Hill."

As we tentatively approached John Bodilly Hill our two Senior Guides (Giri and Chi-Tra) took the lead, attempting to gain purchase ... and failing. They slipped! They fell!

And then ... as if on cue ... out of nowhere ... up on the ridge line stood Prem ... in his wrap-around Oakleys and North Face cap ... his scarf blowing in the breeze like the Red Baron. At that moment Prem was the coolest person on the planet (except for maybe Lennie Kravitz ... we are not entirely sure ANYONE can be cooler than Lennie Kravitz).

In celebration and exhalation the ten of us shouted ... in unison ... PREM!

In response we got a big smile and a wave, and Prem moved into position with the other guides to help us up the icy precipitous.

We are on our way down people ... stay tuned!


21st October 2014

J Bodilly Hill
Please be safe - god and Johns mom watching over all of you!
21st October 2014

John Bodilly Hill
How cool is that! John will have a hill named after him. I hope that hill will always be a memory and a hill he will not want to see again! AMEN!!

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