Blog Entry 11 - Observations From The Top Of The World (Part 2)

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October 21st 2014
Published: October 21st 2014
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Our "Observations From The Top Of The World" was so well received, we decided to give you more.

In no particular order ...

A special shout out to Eric Lockard on his 23rd birthday.

Thank you ... The Nepalese are not big "thankers." Don't get us wrong, they are good people but their tradition just does not accommodate a lot of "thanking." The Nepalese word for thank you is "dande-bot," but "dande-bot" is only used for exceptional "thank yous," as in "dande-bot for saving my baby from the jaws of the carnivorous mountain snow leopard." So you can imagine their bewilderment when western trekkers are constantly dande-botting them for every little thing (e.g. dance-bot for giving me the liter of water i just paid for). Baby saved from snow leopard vs. arms-length purchase of water ... not a real equivalence.

When trekkers (or anyone else for that matter) come upon a Stupa (a Buddhist religious monument) they are expected to circle it clockwise. Because of our respect for the people and their faith we do it, but there are times ... especially when the clockwise route is uphill ... when we are like ... REALLY?

When your Nepalese guide says the trail is "ez peeezy lemon squeezy" you should run away and make your escape. Its a trick.

More later.


21st October 2014

Blue cruisers, blacks or double diamonds?
Jeff and fellow trekers: Glad to hear you on the descent and all is well. I pose the following question to the group: Is the dowward trek simliar to blue cruisers, blacks or double diamonds on your favorite CO ski hill? Just a discussion topic I toss out across the world. Stay safe, SAA

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