#96 Journey Home Part 1 Taizhou to Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia

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July 10th 2008
Published: November 9th 2008
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Well here I am finally with the beginning of my fantastic 5 or so month adventure back to Oz after leaving Taizhou on June 17. I have set myself a challenge to reduce my carbon foot print as much as possible by travelling mainly by train. Originally, I had allowed myself just one flight and that is for my final leg from San Diego to Brisbane. However, my plan to take a "cheap" passage with a con... Read Full Entry

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Tianjin 2Tianjin 2
Tianjin 2

Entrance to the traditional "Old Street" near where I was staying. I was disappointed to find it merely a reproduction street filled with tacky souvenir stalls. Beautiful architecture, though!
Tianjin 3Tianjin 3
Tianjin 3

"Old Street" with Drum Tower in the background.
Tianjin 3aTianjin 3a
Tianjin 3a

A closer look at the drum tower.
Tianjin 4Tianjin 4
Tianjin 4

Black ceramic sculptures are traditional products from this region.
Tianjin 5Tianjin 5
Tianjin 5

More souvenirs.
Tianjin 6Tianjin 6
Tianjin 6

Modern waterfront and developing pedestrian parklands in the heart of the city.
Tianjin 7Tianjin 7
Tianjin 7

Air pollution is a growing problem in China's rapidly developing cities.
Tianjin 8Tianjin 8
Tianjin 8

More pedestrian areas framed by the ever larger high-rise office and apartment buildings in the background.
Tianjin 9Tianjin 9
Tianjin 9

There are several areas in the city that were set aside for Europeans. The most notable areas still remaining are the British and Italian concessions. This is a refurbished residence in the Italian concession.
Tianjin 10Tianjin 10
Tianjin 10

You could be forgiven for thinking you were in Italy! A main intersection in the leafy Italian concession area found near the river.
Tianjin 11Tianjin 11
Tianjin 11

Hazy view across the bridge.
Beijing 1Beijing 1
Beijing 1

The famous "Egg", Beijing's new Grand National Theatre. This striking structure is tucked away behind Tiananmen Square and set in the middle of a shallow lake. Very impressive.
Beijing 3Beijing 3
Beijing 3

The Egg at night.
Beijing 4Beijing 4
Beijing 4

Maggie and I admire the famous Bird's Nest from in front of the highly fenced Olympic grounds. A bit hard to believe that in just 40 days everything would be ready- but it was!! Amazing!
Beijing 5Beijing 5
Beijing 5

I managed to sneak a shot without the horrid fence!
Beijing 6Beijing 6
Beijing 6

A different view again. A really impressive structure.
Beijing 7Beijing 7
Beijing 7

Revamped metro station with beautiful mosaics made for a more pleasant wait for the crowded trains.
Beijing 8Beijing 8
Beijing 8

..and another mosaic.
Beijing 9Beijing 9
Beijing 9

My humble abode at Leo's Hostel in one of the few surviving hutongs in Beijing where life continues almost as it has for many decades.
Erlian 2Erlian 2
Erlian 2

Alex is an American guy I linked up with on the Beijing to Erlian train. He has a business in Beijing and was doing a "border run" to renew his visa. He obviously isn't used to mixing with the locals and was a bit overwhelmed at first, but soon warmed to the attention!
Erlian 3Erlian 3
Erlian 3

Local market stallholder proudly shows off her tobacco.

9th November 2008

Latest TravelBlog
G'day Treadie, Your pics and stories are great - look forward to each installment. It will be great to have you back in Oz but will miss the blogs. On On Bushie
9th November 2008

Love your travel adventures, looking forward to the next episode.
10th November 2008

You beautie Treadie!...
Sue What fabulous little adventures you are enjoying!... As you know I was at Jinan Uni Intensive Mandarin Nov/Dec 2008 so I can relate to your PR China experiences. I have the past five weeks hashed PI Nash Hash La Union ,10th Mekong Indochina at Sukhothai with Chiangmai and Laos post lubes. Went to Pattaya and enjoyed a Bangkok Nonthaburi Men's run with Bimbo... Tonight thankfully off home to recuperate ON On KUNTFOO
17th November 2008

You Go Girl
Can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures in San Diego. On On
25th November 2008

Greetings from Taizhou Teachers College
So happy to hear you are doing well. How quickly time passes, and we are almost at the end of another semester here at TTC. It is getting much cooler, and soon it is time for the long-johns. I think of you often, and miss you much here. Wish you continued joys in your travels, and look forward to your photos from your extensive journey West. Have a happy Thanksgiving in the USA. Love, Hans
27th June 2009

Liked your cool pics and adventurous stories!!!!

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