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September 16th 2012
Published: June 14th 2017
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A brief overnight with a Huge plate of indian food and a long sleep.... 13hrs on a train and then a ferry and then a bus! My lordy!

The train itself was not so bad, with it being quite a comfortable sleeper for once! However, the cheeky train workers, converted the beds back to seats whilst we were being spun around at the border..... in one side, loop back round on ourselves and back out the other. On entering Malaysia, we had our bags 'searched', however as mine had its cover on and was padlocked up for the train, she simply asked what i had in my bag, to which i replied... clothes, toiletries, sleeping gear.... her reponse.... 'no drugs then??' hmmmmmm... No and even if i had, would i really tell her!!! hehe!

Once at the station in Butterworth, we climbed what seemed to be a million stairs to the ferry port interesting state of affair with the people just packed in casually around all of the cars.... was a nice view of the bridge and all of the buildings coming into Georgetown though.

On our arrival, we jumped on a bus and asked the bus driver to tell us where to get off for our hostel..... he clearly had no idea where it was, so it was a 10 min backtrack walk to find it! We may as well have walked in the first place. we were however a great site for amusement from the locals and the odd chinese tourist who insisted on taking photos of the 20 lost westoners wandering the streets with huge packs on in a line down the road! Once in our little rooms, which looked like they were divided by something that you would find in an office floor it was time for food! We had passed a place claiming to have the best indian food in Malaysia.... why not!! It was indeed very tasty, however afterwards, myself and Jay had to go and sample the homemade coconut icecream which lay across the road from where we were staying... it was LOVELY!!!!

That evening, everyone was pretty whacked so we watched Forest Gump and had a nice LONG 13hr sleep!! 😊

Off to KL .... Whoop!

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