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July 13th 2006
Published: July 14th 2006
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A workshop Stephen Bennette put on for the a group of orphans. Simon and I went to help out.I want one.
I guess I left you in Belaga, guuuuuu, I better catch up!! Belaga, Belaga, oh yes…. We left early the next morning, Desi and I, on there little ferry boat to Sibu. It took quite a few hours and when we hit Sibu we agreed to carry on to Kuching 8 hours away by bus. This made it a 16 hour journey and we arrived at midnight to the Singgahsana Lodge, where we fell in love with the staff, accommodations and guests who were all there throughout the festival. They were our new family and made it so hard to leave. Now we had a week to burn before the festival and we occupied ourselves sticking close to the city. We went to wildlife Rehabilitation Center and checked out some Orangs and also spent a night in Bako National Park.

Bako is so gorgeous there is a huge diversity in the area, the one trek we did, about 3 1/2 hours we noticeably seen 7 different types of forest, it was great. Also in Bako there were lots of different types of monkeys, and even a wild bore(well he wasn’t so wild), nice sunsets and a relaxed atmosphere. It is
World Music FestivalWorld Music FestivalWorld Music Festival

Desi, Clara & Me
also where we met Simon whom we spend a lot of time with also. Besides that and just walking around, spending too much money and hanging out Kuching was pretty chill. Simon and I did go to the Art Gallery where Stephen Bennett (s#*t, I forget the spelling of his name) amazing portrait painter doing a workshop type thing with orphans and it was adorable. I felt really sad when I found out they were orphans but then again it was really cool for them to get out and do something like that, and some were really amazing too.

Now the main event, the Rainforest Music Festival, started Friday afternoon. Don't get me wrong this was nothing like our music festivals, last show at midnight and everyone dispersing afterwards (no big parties), but I still loved it and finally got to just dance, dance, dance. There were bands from Canada(Quebec), Mongolia, South Korea, Malaysia, France and all over really. The music went from 7:00pm till about midnight and there were 9 workshops during the day. Some were really cool and interactive, the dance ones and games anyways. It was nice to just to be in the festival atmosphere with everyone in high spirits and all brought together for the music. Desi and I really got into it, I'm glad she loves to dance as much as me, and by Sunday my calves were killing me. The highlight really was the last night when Singgahsana brought some of the staff out and we all got to kick it together, it was especially nice because we were leaving the next day and who know if we'll ever meet again.

Monday came and Desi and I flew to JB and bused it to Melaka and took it easy there for a couple days. Now I’m in Kuala Lumpur getting over a little cold.

Sorry it's a short one, lots of pics though😊

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Jungle TrekinJungle Trekin
Jungle Trekin



How many Malays does it take to spread a load of gravel???

A old school Malay home.

Sunset from the beach

Town Square

Malay Guitar

Longhouse games

This lady could move

Jeff and Clara (great people)

I like these guys

Desi and I took some lessons LOL

14th July 2006

Mongolian Dancers
Megs, let's go to Mongolia on our next trip, I really wanna learn to dance like them. And it's so cold up there, we might have to move our a....

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