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September 13th 2012
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Sadly we are still in KL due to a misunderstanding with MAS staff about when the flight was to leave KL. Tried booking on an other airline which seemed to be successful but did not show up on the airlines manifest. We ended up going back to our hotel and got to bed about 4.30 up again at 5.30 to book on another airline back to bed at 6.30 for a couple more hours kip. Lots of skyping with our respective banks to check balances stop transactions etc. and now we are having brekky. It is nearly midday so that makes it ok to have chicken rending as the first meal for the day doesn't it Sal?

Never mind, yesterday was great, Jane bought her camera and we went on a guided tour of KL. went to the Batu caves and Jane and I walked the 272 steps to the temple. Amazing view outwards and the cave is prettyspecial too - have to watch the monkeys tho'! Saw Independence Square and all of the decorations still in place from the independence day celebrations held 11days ago. The KL Gallery is something to see too. The models of KL either made from wood or the scale model of KL at night made from (probably) plastics and LEDs are exquisite. Photos will be uploaded!

Jane and I shopped at the traditional batik house for sarongs and scarves in silk/cotton but decided against the pewter mugs at another stop, much to Ken's delight!

Have been keeping an eye on the blind folk mentioned in the last blog. It sometimes seems like the blind leading theblind as the old hands help the new ones along the street. Folk often jump up from their seats at the alfresco coffee shops and resterons to correct the direction of the seeing impaired, it is heart warming to see how blindness is accepted as a difference rather than a disability. There are tactile slabs down the centre of all of the pavements to assist them find theIr way and many of them work in the blind massage businesses scatterred throughout the area. Although, one of them nearly gave me a heart track - he was walking very rapidly along he tactile slabs when he veered sharply away from them and headed for a set of downward stairs still at a whacking pace. While my heart headed for mymouth he flew downthe steps without so much as an 'oops'!!

We had a delicious meal in Kasimir restaron in Brickfield last night. We decided on the buffet with a Kashmir naan bread - yummy!

Good news - we are booked on tonight's flight direct to Paris. It means we will not get our stop over in Paree but will head straight to Split. Boy am I looking forward to getting on that boat!!!!

Before we get on the plane tho we may have a few - whatever the word is that describes being "happy/ disgruntled/ relieved/ at odds with all the systems in the world/tired/celebratory" - drinks.


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