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July 17th 2011
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I am recently preparing for Creative Art Award, a national drawing competition that happening annually, and it is on 20 August this year in The One Academy in Sunway City. Last week I got a letter, it says I am shortlisted to the final round of the competition and requires me to attend the on the spot competition. The title of the drawing will be McQueen In The Street of Malaysia.


OK, I was kind of blank as it requires me to draw Lightning Mcqueen in the street of malaysia. The first idea I came out from my mind was Chinatown, but I didnt really know a lot and have seldom been to Chinatown. Therefore, I decided to pay a visit to Chinatown and other places such as Masjid Majek LRT station, KL Tower, KLCC and The Golden Triangle in Bukit Bintang to captue some street views.

When I was strolling around in Chinatown, I went to the Popular Bookstore that I always like to go and just looking for some nice old architecture of the buildings there. Of course it didnt disappoint me and I have captured lots of nice pictures. I even went to visit an Indian temple for the first time! It's quite a shame that I live in Malaysia for more than 16 years and today was the first time I visiting an Indian temple. Inside the temple we were not allowed to wear shoes so I took off my shoes outside and started to visit and looking around with amazement like a baby. But the worst thing was I accidentally stepped on pigeon dropping, it was green in color, I didnt know whether it was smelly,( my friend once told me that bird dropping has a minty smell, I don't know if that was true) It was really embarrassing !! Tourist and people were all around me watching me steeping on a bird shit!! dammit!

Well after Chinatown I wanted to go Sultan Abdul Samad Building. But I was lost and went to the wrong direction. It's always a surprise after being lost. I followed some tourists' steps though I didnt know where they were going to. After walking for about 20 minutes from Masjid Jamek Lrt Station, I found a place called KL Forest Eco Park in Bukit Nanas. Initially I just wanted to ask for the direction to Sultan Abdul Samad Building, but the workers who were the so-called Kuala Lumpur citizens also having no ideas what Sultan Abdul Samad Building is. Well it seemed like I had gone far from the destination i wanted to go and lost to a place called KL forest Eco Park, then I decided to pay it a visit. There was a trail in a forest for us to walk to the KL Tower. Seems like it is the only forest left in KL City.
Just a short walk, then I reached KL tower.

Well, I have nothing to say about KL Tower. As a Malaysian, I feel KL tower is boring because it has no interesting places like shopping mall in KLCC. It's just a tall tower, slightly shorter than KLCC, a telecommunication tower. Those seem like all I know about it..

After that, I was already exhausted but I still had KLCC and Bukit Bintang to go. Walking from KL tower to KLCC was not so tiring and took me only about 20 minutes. All along the way I saw many blonde hair pretty girls, have no idea where they come from.

Reached KLCC, I wanted to go to the SkyBridge, the bridge that joins the twin towers together. But a notice board says NO MORE TICKETS. I got really fed-up and so were the other tourists. They all complaint in their own language which I could not understand, France? Spanish? Japanese? Arabian?? No idea. I do not understand the reason why they say NO MORE TICKETS. Why didnt they just print more tickets, huh? Bad excuse!!

Going to Bukit Bintang where I often hang out with my buddies at. Feeling nothing more special. After taking some pictures, then i took the KL monorail to Titiwangsa terminal. Took a bus to go back to my hometown Bentong.

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Indian temple in chinatownIndian temple in chinatown
Indian temple in chinatown

1st indian temple that i have visited

Its ok, i am going to see a real one in Mt Kinabalu next year!!

which MELACCA takes after its name

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