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August 16th 2009
Published: August 16th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

I'm a couple of weeks back from my Malaysian experience which was a well deserved rest. My school allowed me to come back to work without the quarentine period as long as I took Tamiflu while I was away. Blah blah.

Malaysia was a beautiful place to visit, I'm so glad that I decided to go. I would have loved to stay longer in Kuala Lumpur especially, however, the island we stayed on was just divine.

We flew out of Seoul on a 5.5 hour flight to KL and took another hour plane ride to Kota Bharu. From there we took an hour taxi ride to the Tuna Bay office and from there another 45 minute boat ride to the island. Needless to say, it was remote. No cars or buildings aside from the little shops and taxi stands that dotted the beach.

I will say that Malaysia is a colourful place filled with some of the kindest, friendliest most helpful people I've ever met. I'll never forget it.

It wasn't all rest though.. no, no.

There was thoughtful deliberation over which delicious meal to choose every night, there was a lot of digging our toes into the sand, there was endless 'girl talk' and uproarious laughter. There was also quiet reflection on days spent lounging in the sun listening intently to the hidden messages in the waves; I became fluent in beach. Nights were spent eating and drinking wine, meeting and judging new and old friends, solving the mysteries of male and female connectedness, or lack there of; blaming our parents, confessing our many, many sins where we were graciously absolved by the kindess of each other.

For me specifically there was reconnecting with a good friend and my own stillness.

Alas, I am back to Seoul where I am once again the only girl for miles with a big bum, flat shoes and a vocabulary swelling with profanities. Countdown to Christmas vacation starts..... now.

Enjoy the pics! xo

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the plane food was really good actually.. i was impressed
our sexy little roomour sexy little room
our sexy little room

mind the lizards.

20th August 2009

what a trip
Your blog was outstanding, as it usually is, and the pictures are just beautiful. You took advantage of a really unique time in your life and went somewhere quiet, beautful and remote to recharge. Very smart. Were there no handsome men? I thought there'd some boy bathing beauties. I'm glad you're feeling better tho'. After that good experience you must be looking at Christmas destinations by now. Love you B Mum xxxooo
21st August 2009

Good Blog update
Hi Carly, Hope my other message came through. If not, we enjoyed your update. Sounds like you had a great time. Keep travelling so I can see new parts of the world. Love you lots, Nanny and Papa and Pearly

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