The Foi Gras was delicious!

Published: May 9th 2007
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On the road

May4-6 Calgary-LA-Bangkok-KL


The Foi Gras was delicious!

On the road We arrived in Malaysia after 35 hours en route (Calgary-LA-Bankok-KL) - Devin set a new sleep record (rather a "no sleep" record - managing only 7 hours of sleep out of 56 hours!! Not a good situation for a 7 year old - though he managed well with characteristic good humour and curiosity!!). Needless to say - we arrived tired despite the excellent Foi Gras they served us in business class!!

Sadly, our luggage chose not to accompany us -- deciding to take a vacation in LA instead 😞 As of today (May 9) they are still looking for mom's luggage, and can only tell us that it is "still pending" --- translation: "we have absolutely no idea where it is, and refuse to accept any accountability for it". They did however offer to reimburse us: to a total of $100!! Imagine how far that goes to replace everything needed to enjoy a month away with a 7 year old. To date, mom has been unable to go for a swim with devin, exercise, do yoga, dress for dinner, style her hair, put on make-up, write in her journal, read a different book, put on sunscreen and relax in

Welcome to Asia!
the sun, change out of the clothes she has been wearing for the past 6 days, ... you get the picture. Somewhere in this is a great Buddhist lesson in non-attachment (now -- if only i were a buddhist!!).

Despite all this -- KL is lovely, as is the world-renowned Mandarin Oriental. Devin and mom are enjoying some simple days - at the park, aquarium, gazing across to the "Twin Towers", listening to the Meuzzin call the faithful to prayer, and hanging out by the pool (even though mom is fully decked out in travel clothes!!).

We continue on our travels today -- off to Bali. Please send a prayer to the "gods of luggage" that my luggage will find it's way there too!! Stay tuned!

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view from the pool

snorkel devin

9th May 2007

The unexpected
Hi Jan and Devin Well im sure that your years of wisdom and sense of humor are being practiced to the max these days... its great to see that youre still smiling. I will visualize you with all that you need for your trip, however in some mysterious way, I have a feeling that you already have it... Love you guys lots, Natalie
15th May 2007

Just got access
Hi there, When your travel blog/log came through the first time I couldn't access it. I think the luggage handlers had control of the internet. However, after reviewing your second blog re: diving and pool activity in Bali I went back and enjoyed access to this first blog/log. Sounds and looks like you guys are having a blast! Enjoy this unique family time together. And it looks like Jan might be coming home with a new wardrobe, library and cosmetic kit. Safe journey onward and homeward! Love Paddy

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