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April 27th 2019
Published: April 24th 2020
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I arrived the next day early in the morning. My next host picked me up from the train station close to his home. His apartment looked more like a hostel. It was only small, but there was a living room, a kitchen and apart from his own room, there were 2 other rooms with 2 bunk beds (room for 8 guests). He told us about a project he was on and told us he hosts a lot. That's the reason I choose to stay with him because he had the most reviews and good comments I had ever seen on couchsurfing.

First he took us to get some breakfast. We went to a sort of chinese food court where you can choose from a lot of different stands. When the other couchsurfer had to meet up with others, me and Eric went on walking through the city. We visited the famous twin towers, walked through the park next to it, ate some jackfruit when I commented I didn't try it yet. Then we went to what he called "the last jungle of the city" where you could do a canopy walk (walking over wooden bridges). Later we found a place to have some lunch at an Indian bar where we ate roti and drank chai tea. So far my favourite Asian food is definitely Indian.

Eric told me about the racism in Malaysia. Even though born in Malaysia, the way they treat their people depends on their ethnicity. The three main groups are Malaysians, Indians and Chinese. If you are "real" Malaysian, you are more respected/ accepted than when you are Chinese-Malaysian. The three groups also have different religions and because Malaysians, who are mostly followers of the Islam, don't like that the Chinese eat pork. Indians are safe there since most Hindus are vegetarian.
I've heard about this before in other countries (usually the difference between religions), but here it's a real problem because even the government uses this racism to accept/ reject legal processes.
Of course I know there is racism all over the world, but it's still strange to imagine such a (to me) weird type of racism.

Just when we wanted to go it started to rain like crazy. We waited for it to stop and went for a walk through Chinatown and back to the twin towers to see the light show.

The next day I stayed at the apartment because outside there was a heavy storm. It rained like crazy and the thunder made a tremendous loud noise. Most of the time I stood on the small balcony to watch this natural phenomena. I love watching storms. Maybe here it's normal, but I never saw anything like it.

Later the three of us went to the supermarket to get food for dinner. When we entered the supermarket, we first came through the fruit and veggie section, like most super markets. What was strange about it, was the amount of products! I have never seen stands so big and so full of fruit and veggies. We got some dragon fruit for dessert and carried on shopping.

27th of April my niece Evi was born!!

Two other couchsurfers joined the house today and we all went to the Chinese food court we went to the first day. It was the only place we went to outside the house, because we all got caught up into a fun conversation. Later I prepared my bag, because the next day I'd leave early in the morning for my bus trip to Singapore.

I don't stay in cities too long, because it's nice to see the places, but I prefer nature and most of all: the ocean. Also, my money is running out and I have to get to Bali before it does, since my flight goes back home from there.

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27th April 2020

Wat leuk om te lezen!! Ik zag deze net ineens op ja facebook voorbij komen van een jaar geleden. Hoe ist nu met je? 😃

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