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March 21st 2018
Published: March 21st 2018
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Kuala Lumpur means monied estuary, and that’s why locals call it KL. When language is an effort, non sequitirs are accepted without a follow up question. Sort of like when we were on a tour through the mansion of a 19th century Chinese big wig and the guide said of the central room open to the sky, “This is an area that we refer to as an area.” I had to write it down.

That aside...

Our stay in Malaysia is low key as I continue antibiotic recovery and day trips we had planned are set aside for future visits. The big (as in both enormous and compelling) attractions are the Petronas Towers. For a few years, these were the tallest towers in the world, though are sliding on the downward spiral on that score, for now at 15th. They still hold the tallest twin tower designation.

Lots of impressive specs can zipped off, but the two things besides the 88 Floors (my Dad is 88 this year) that stick out to me are the stainless steel finish with some angles that are templesque and the Skybridge, a 2-story walkthrough between the two towers at the 41st floor. This I found more impressive than the view from the top.

We also took the hop on-hop off bus for an afternoon. English was broadcast without headphones and for the first time I can recall, the local language was not offered. In the 2.5 hour, 23-stop circuit, I would bet there was less than 15 minutes of commentary. If that was our only source of local history and context, I’d be verklempt.

The city of KL Is most appealing though. Just the bus drive offered lots of delights for the eye. Lamp standards were varied and unique. Streets rarely seemed to be a grid, and the turns, boulevards, plantings, fencework and any other little feature reflected someone took the time to make it a little more aesthetic than necessity would require. Architecture isn’t avant garde but lots of buildings have something just a little different.

The green spaces throughout the city were many and seemed woven through rather than carved out. Sites include a butterfly sanctuary, an aquarium, a symphony, a temple or two, a palace, some caves and on. Much to see and explore here.

We leave Malaysia knowing that we have been tickled by what we’ve seen and experienced but that we’ve left a lot on the table. This country is on our ’to return’ list.

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25th March 2018

Reads like National Geographic
Just took the full tour, Miriam. Simply delightful. Full of local detail and colour. As real as it can get from an armchair. You have the touch. Thanks Ken
4th April 2018

High praise, Ken. Thanks for keeping up with us! Means a lot.... M.

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