7 May 2012 - Canberra to Kuala Lumpur and the search for food.

Published: May 9th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Bright and early start this morning, with the alarm going off at 2:30am. Into a cab at 3:30 and onto a bus heading to Sydney at 4:30am. Lovely girl from Gibraltar on the bus next to me, think I scared her with stories about crocodiles, spiders and snakes though! Arrived at Sydney International just before 8am and Soma arrived by 8:30am.

Quick check in to our flight, then it was straight through Immigration and Security (I not only got an explosives check but also a pat down, definitely the first time that has happened to me in Australia) before we found a place to eat breakfast. My Eggs Benedict was lovely and well needed given the early start. Breakfast done, it was a spot of shoe shopping (thought I had forgotten to pack a pair of thongs, but ended up turning out that I didn't) before we boarded the flight, Eight and a half hours later we arrived in KL.

bit of turbulence on the flight. Character of a pilot, he was chatty (we got a ten minute announcement all about how much fuel the flight was carrying, how fast we were going, how cold it was outside at the height we were out, plus the ins and outs of our exact flight path), but he also came out and walked around the cabin chatting to everyone, friendly guy! After collecting the luggage we headed out to find a cab.

Buying a ticket turned out to be more difficult than imagined, with us going through a door that said no entry in order to buy one, having not bought one as we cleared through the security area on arrival. Cab trip was about an hour or so, dropped us right at our hostel/B&B at Bukit Bintang. Checked in, changed rooms due to a giant water puddle on the ground, before heading out to grab some dinner.

Bukit Bintang is basically in the centre of all of the shopping malls, and also close to heaps of restaurants. Unluckily for us, we ended up wandering for a good half hour or 45 minutes trying to find somewhere to eat that was Malaysian or Asian food. Anything else wouldn't have been a problem. All types of Middle Eastern food you could want. Not to mention Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Western, steaks, you name it.

Eventually we went back to the hostel and were given directions to a street that had back to back outside eateries and was absolutely buzzing with activity. Had a great dinner, made up of rice, along with fish, squid and chicken. Very tasty and exactly what we were after. The only bad thing was the table behind us had a few Australians, one of whom had the most grating Australian accent. From her conversation, of which we would hear pretty much every word she said, I know she was from Darwin. I also found out a whole lot about her husband, the wedding, and a whole lot of other things I didn't care to know!

After dinner it was a walk across to the Petronas Towers to get heaps and heaps of photos. This resulted in some laying down on the ground to try to get the whole structure, especially given the little park area in front of the towers was fenced off. We also climbed up onto one of the side fences to get a better photo too. The things you do for a good piccie....

By this stage it was fairly late, so another long walk home and then to bed.


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