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March 19th 2008
Published: April 12th 2008
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Perhinthians 19031Perhinthians 19031Perhinthians 19031

First night (long beach) Nina and cant remeber her name english girl

Perhinthians , Malaysia - Wow, amazing, etc etc 19th March - 22nd March

I cant remember anything out of the ordinary on route to The jetty for the perhinthians from Taman Negara.

I'm just so glad to be so close to 3 days relaxing on some lovely tropical island and beach in the sun after all the hard work and walking and leeches in the jungle.

like the rest of the people i feel, I was itching to get on the boat and make our way to the island, unfortunately there were a few girls who had a few problems with there tickets. They were aguing that they had paid for the boat journey to the island and yet it was obvious they hadn't...still they moaned and argued pointlessly and all they managed to do was hold uo the boat for everyone else.

At last we were on the boat. It took about 30minutes to get to the first drop off. This was a posh..ish resort on the big island. The next stop off was for the rest of the passengers. A french and english girl whom i cant remember there names, of course the lovely Nina
Perhinthians 19032Perhinthians 19032Perhinthians 19032

French girl (cant remember her name...oooups) and of coure me. looking rough, rugged and sexy lol What you think?
from Germany, Lorna and of course the gods gift to women himself! lol :-) The french girl suprisingly was alright for a french the reason been she actually thought and agreed with me that a majority of french are rude ignorant people. hence why she wants to move to England!

We arrived at D'lagoon. A tiny tiny sand cove with rocks either side and clear blue water. The accommodation was very simple and there was only one plain ordinary / basic restaurant. Even so i wasn't here for the comforts of luxoury accommodation, just the sand, sun and sea...anything else is a very welcome bonus!

Soon as i got there i went for a swim and revelled in the goooood!

The french and english girl was considering moving over to the busy island resorts so that night we went over to long beach by night water taxi. this was a scarey experience. I asked more than once to the taxi boat man, what if the noat sinks? There is no life jacket, no radio, its pitch black and we're a km out to sea. he laughed and though i was joking. Well i was, but
Perhinthians 19033Perhinthians 19033Perhinthians 19033

Fire dancer on long beach - my first ever sighting of a lady boy!
only a little! I was genuinely concerned! Anyway we arrived safely and to be honest it was good fun. That night we had a quiet meal, the food was a bit crap and Lorna had to refuse hers as it was disgusting. She got another dish which i dont think was much better lol. but she ate it. From there we went to a bar and had a few drinks. Me personally was a little tired after a long day travelling and to be honest still recovering from that day i hiked over 20km in Taman Negara...i'm not getting any younger you know! The water taxi picked us up around middnight and we headed back to D'lagoon, said our good nights and off to bed.

The next day, i got up early for sunrise. As it happened i mis-calculated the time a bit and i had to wait for about 30minutes in total darkness for the sun to come up whilst i got eaten alive by mosquitos! All in all the sunrise wasn't that good and maybe i should have stayed in bed. Nevermind, plenty of time for rest on the beach. I think it must have been a good 1 1/2 hours after i got up that i actually saw anyone else. Anyway io had breakfast all on my tod, food in which was pretty good. That morning me and Lorna (once she had got her lazy arse out of bed) went for a snorkle to find some sharks. What we did find was lots and lots of stinging creatures, not sure if they were baby jellyfish or what but after a while they really started to irritate and hurt. Even so what we saw under the waves more than made up for it. I must have seen at least 20 black tip reef sharks, some maybe 1.5 - 1.8 mtrs long. Totally awesome and so so happy i saw them and so many. At first seeing them was a bit spooky but you soon realise they are a lot more scared off you and they generally swim off fast when you get too close. WoW what an experience! As well as sharks saw lots of nemo!

Came out of the water and saw Nina and the rest of the girls having breakfast, said hello and enthusiastically told them about my shark experience. The english &
Perhinthians 20031Perhinthians 20031Perhinthians 20031

Sunrise looking out from D'lagoon
french girl are all leaving the d'lagoon resort today, Nina too but later on in the day.

During the day Lorna found herself a quiet corner and sunbathed and read by herself. I very happily kept Nina company, freely chatted, got to know her a bit and shared a few laughs and giggles. I Soon realised she was a really sweet lovely girl and i really enjoyed being with her.....It wasnt long before Nina had to go over to the other island. As she was only holidaying (not long term traveling) she wanted her little luxuries and comforts that weren't here at d'lagoon. Was little sad to see her move but she promised she would come back over tomorrow to chill out on the beach.

During the afternoon me and Lorna went over to the other side of the island - a 10 minute walk. It was beautiful, secluded and really peaceful. We went snorkling in search for turtles as this was supposed to be a common place for them. I spotted 1 but by the time Lorna had come over it had disappeared. We stayed for the sunset that was fairly nice. That night i had a few chang beers from the 10 cans i had reserved and bought at a discounted price! Not much to do at D'lagoon after dark, very quiet. I had also been up since 6am so i was tired and my bed was calling me. So off i trotted!

21/3 - up early again for sunrise. Again no Lorna! This time it was nicer than the previous day and worth getting up. Like yesterday similar routine. Breakfast on my own as Lorna still in bed then snorkling out in the lagoon. This time though the stings were more frequest and more intense. i managed 10 minutes max and had to get out of the water. I was covered in little red marks all over my body.

During the rest of the morning i simply vegatated on the sand with my ipod and book. Again Lorna did the same in her quiet corner next to the rocks. It wasn't long before Nina turned up. a lot earlier than expected. Well I must have made a good impression the previous day lol. But seriously, it was good to see her again so soon and was looking forward to spending the day with
Perhinthians 20033Perhinthians 20033Perhinthians 20033

Mr July 2008 resting in the shade at d'lagoon

After a few hours of soaking up the sun and lunch we went over to the other sid eof the island. the idea was for us all to swim from 1 beach to the next (about a 20 - 30 minute swim). We all set off until i got a bit freaked and scared (memories flash back from Maui) and decided it wasnt a good idea me doing this incase i got into trouble or had another panic attack. I told Nina and Lorna to go on ahead without me and ill stay here snorkling and on the beach.

I sat on the beach taking in everything & the the idylic views, then i decided to walk (more like run) around to the other cove where they were swimming too. I had to get there before them & I got to the other cove / beach and saw lorna so i swam out to her. She was surprised to see me and asked why im here and that Nina has turned around & gone back to you. I thought shit Nina will think ive drown and she'll be panicing. So off i went back to the other
Perhinthians 2003Perhinthians 2003Perhinthians 2003

Sunset at Sunset beach perhinthians
cover, a 15 minute run, in flip flops through rough torrain all hot and sweaty. I arrived back at the original beach, no sign on Nina.....i started panicking, has something happened to Nina. I asked a guy had he seen a blonde girl, he said no...i thought O SHIT!!!! Then i breathed a deep sigh of relief, i could see Nina. I told her about what happened whilst we sat in the water (i needed to really cool off!) and talked and laughed about what had happened...............

After a long while (we'd kind of forgot about Lorna), we walked back to The other cove to meet Lorna. We were all about to walk back to d'lagoon and Lorna realised we'd forgotten her flip flops......' I dont beleive it!' i thought i cant walk back there AGAIN!

The girls decided to swim back and i would go back to the resort and meet the there. I had walked back, had a drink, had a shower, gt dressed, had a nother drink and stil no sigh of the girls...time for another heart attack and more worry. So off i went to find where they were. I Again relieved i bumped
Pehinthians 2003Pehinthians 2003Pehinthians 2003

Sunset at Sunset beach perhinthians
into them half way, 5 minutes down the trail to the other beach.

That night i was moving over to coral bay / view resort. Even so Lorna came over too and we all went out for dinner and then a few tiger beers. After dinner had a walk along the beach / sea then went to bed.


The next day, for a change i woke late and realised i'd slept soooo good. Went for breakfast with Nina (eat as much as you want!) i did! It was really really nice and felt good having a big tasty breakfast. Lorna will be soo jealous

After spending a bit of time with Nina i headed back to D'lagoon (this is where the boat was collecting me and Lorna from). Nina came across few hours later on so she could say her good byes to us both. Nina had about another 5 days here in the Perhinthians. Was so tempted to stay longer myself but due to commitments with other friends i had to move on. Fortuneately we had organised to get collected on the last boat (4pm) so we had virtually all day to chill out
Perhinthians 2103Perhinthians 2103Perhinthians 2103

Start of what will be the start another great, prob the best day in the perhinthians
and do what ever we wanted. Similiar to yesterday once Nina arrived we went to the other side of the island did lots of snorkiling and swimming, sunning it up and just generally enjoying the moments and enjoying the paradise like place. The time soon arrived i had to leave. I and even Lorna i think was really sad. i was for sure. Cant remeber a place on my travels where ive been so sad to leave, and i'd only been here for 3 days! I'd had such a great great time and met such an amzing and lovely person in Nina. I hope and i'm 100% sure we will meet again.

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Perhinthians Perhinthians

D'lagoon resort

Perhinthians 2103Perhinthians 2103
Perhinthians 2103

Another of the Sunrise on the 21st March
perhinthians 2203perhinthians 2203
perhinthians 2203

Coral bay resort in the morning 22nd March
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

Coral bay resort in the morning 22nd March
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

nina, this ones for you! Some guy in sexy white speedo's from an annoying Italian family who were just in the way. CAN WE PLEASE GET PAST.
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

Nina and I at Coral Bay resort - morning of 22 march. I Leave today! :-(
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

Me on the beautiful Sunset beach fro the last time (at the back of D,lagoon)
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

On another beach behind, d'lagoon. Again like paradise and on it for the last time
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

Lorna and I...very very sad we're leaving...very sad!
Perhinthians 2203Perhinthians 2203
Perhinthians 2203

The final fairwell picture before i leave. Me and 2 lovely girls in paradise for 3 days i guess things could be worse! :-)

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