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November 30th 2006
Published: November 30th 2006
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After settling in back in KK we decided that we wanted to do the fishing we didn't manage to do on our python hunting trip. We hadn't had the supplies we needed and the fishing platform was out of order. This time we were prepared. Unfortunatly after 15 minutes drive the minivan broke down, the breaks stopped working. So we got towed away to Vincents mothers place where we borrowed a Toyota Corolla of his nephew. Vincent felt bad that we didn't manage to go fishing for the second time so he was decided that we did something. As we thought the birdpark was a bit dull we went to the crocodile farm.

The crocodile farm is basicly it's name, they farm crocodiles. They must have had a few hundreds in 30 or so pools. Apart from crocs they also have a sea otter, several different birds, turtles, big big fishes, small fishes, ostriches and some pythons. There was a traditional longhouse and a house built of bamboo. A really nice one, I could see myself live in a bamboo house.

We walked around and looked at all the animals, you could buy food for them (for the otter and the turtles and the fish) and that made them frantic. The catfish they had actually climbed each other to reach higher. The crocodiles wasn't that exciting, they don't tend to move much. However, on our way out we passed the snake cage and it was feeding time. They had put in a chicken in the cage and we decided to stay and watch the show. The snake waited and waited but after 15 minutes it attacked and ate the chicken very slowly. It was interesting to see, I decided to not feel sorry for the chicken as it was the way of nature.

We got back to KK and again decided to go on the fishing trip as soon as the car was sorted.

It only took two days and then we were on the road again. Unfortunatly when we arrived at the place the wind was too strong so it was unsafe to go fishing. I don't think we were supposed to go fishing. But there was a plan B. We went to a closeby village and bought some fish and had a barbeque on the beach. It was really nice as it's not a tourist spot. Very calming to be all alone on such a big place. I decided to go into the water and waded out til neckheight. Then suddenly I was attacked by a jelly-fish. They are a serious threat and it burns like hell. More people get killed by them than of sharks. A girl got killed last week of one. Thankfully I had been informed how to treat yourself if you get stung. And it is not to pee on yourself but to rub sand along the wound. I got to the shore told Vincent what had happend and then started with the sand. A few minutes later he came over and told me that if I would die I should have been dead by now. Always nice to hear. It felt very similar to a waspbite, but all along the tentacle. It took my right forearm and elbow and a bit on the back. It hurt all evening. I am fine now though, just some marks are left.

We got the barbeque going and then I ate 3 fishes and 20 prawns. It was good of course, I would have prefered a bit more seasoning but fresh food over a fire can never go wrong. After a bit of a rest we left for home, and was stalled after 30 minutes due to a boiling car. We let it cool down and the refilled it with water and got back safe and sound.

Tomorrow we will go to Sapi island and snorkel and then we fly to Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon. The plans after that are still not decided.

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2nd December 2006

Hej Ami och Kristoffer. har kolla på bilderna och breven, skönt att ni har det bra men håll er borta från ormar och andra farligheter. Kram mormor.
7th December 2006

Hej lillebror! Det är inte utan att jag blir vansinnigt avundsjuk på er. Det är ungefär fem plusgrader i Sverige och småblåsigt. Vilka häftiga bilder på krokodilerna! Och ormens matstund var nog ögongodis för mormor!!! Alfred vill gärna sätta på datorn och titta på "Kitoffe". Hälsa Amie! /Stor syster

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