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February 17th 2010
Published: July 4th 2010
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As soon as we left the Islands we basically wanted to be back there straight away. There is no denying those islands were great, but we were off to Penang to meet up with our friend Aimee. The overnight bus ride from Kota Bharu to Penang wasn't too bad actually, I think we all fell in an out of sleep. Freezing ride though. And we made it into Penang in the middle of the night with no accomadation booked. We wandered around for a while and eventually got a bus at 5 in the morning to the beach area and went into one of the hostels and sleept.
When comparing the Penang beach to the Islands, basically the contrast goes along the lines of going from amazing beaches and sand to a shit hole. The Penang beach was very touristy with heaps of Chinese tourists riding jet skis way to close to the people swimming. Basically an accident waiting to happen. The actual town of Penang being George town was nice and we ended up staying there the following night. We also met up with another friend called Jack and met a German backpacker as well, but lucky me ended up getting sick. But by the end of the night I drank away my stomach bug. Actually probably the biggest night we had partying which evenutally lead towards a KTV room, a bar, a pub, a club and trying to sneak into another club. 5am came me and Aimee getting our breakfast/dinner and then realising CRAP we have to get the bus in one hour.
So we got back to the hostel at 5:30am passed out for 30 mins woke up and got on the bus. I was still extremly drunk and I don't remember the next 4 hours but by the end of it I woke up and we were in the Cameroon Highlands. I was quite simply dumbfounded because I had no idea how we got there and still woke up drunk.

After checking into the hostel we explored the city, met some locals. The highlight was the taxi driver who showed us around. To put him into perspective, he liked to talk about himself ALOT and like to make cat and purring noises at girls when he is driving back. Aparently this is how he charmed the girls and the girls seemed to love it. He was a character we wanted to escape from in the end, but couldnt and we went to the tea mountains, strawberry farms and something else.

Out of all the people I have met in Malaysia, the Malaysia who takes the cake for being the most different was Bob from Penang. Aparently he was a rich person who lived in a mansion but prefered to hang around the front of the hostel, scabbing smokes and drinks. Bob has a facination with me to say the least. For some reason I always attract strange people and they start talking to me. I had a good energy level aparently, the people I was traveling with did not have such a quality. Bob also like to say and tell stories about how he hates Indians (even though he is one) and also has killed people before. Thankfully I was on his good side so I lived to see another day.

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