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Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town August 1st 2019

After five days in the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, Linda and I took a bus five hours north to Butterworth on the coast, from where a small ferry (with passengers and cars sharing the top deck!) tackled the ten-minute crossing of the North Channel to George Town, on the island of Penang. Despite being uninhabited until around three centuries ago, Penang's past status as a vital port on the trade routes linking Europe, Africa and Asia has endowed it with a historical significance that – along with that of Melaka further south – rivals that of any other town in Malaysia, if not Southeast Asia. Indeed the central cores of both George Town and Melaka have been inscribed on Unesco's list of cultural World Heritage sites. With such a history of trade between empires ... read more
Evening Prayers
House of Culture (and Colour)
Stunning Symmetry

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 16th 2019

We were disappointed this morning to find that it was raining. But it was still very hot and humid, so we carried on with our plans to go ashore. Maybe 35 - 38 degrees we think. The cruise port in Penang is rather small, but they did have a good exchange bureau, so we used the €30 we got back from the Indian Rupees to buy a few Ringgits. As it was still raining, we thought the best thing to do was to try to catch a bus. Penang has a free bus service that goes around George town, so we thought that would be a great place to start. Unfortunately, there were so many other people on the bus by the time we found where to get on that the bus was totally full. No ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 16th 2019

Budicek mi zaobstarala studentska kapela co obdalec ubytka nacvicovala. Na whatsapp mi pipla sprava od cs z cdo, ze spolocnu cestu po polsku rusi a bude cestovat sama. To mi len zahralo do kariet, bo com som kukal letenky do gdansku moc ruzovo to z gruzinska, turecka resp grecka nevyzeralo. Tym padom sa asi moj navrat domov priblizi, no ale uvidim podla penez, mozno oddiali ale to nepredpokladam. Na ranajky zapadam k indovy na ulici. Davam si dvakrat roti s vajcom a cibulou, k tomu nesmie chybat klasicka omacka a samozrejme caj. Ten sa povie tak ako po nasi, proste caj. No tento je indicky t.j. mlieko. Velmi chutny napoj. Pri stanku predavali aj cerstvych shrimov a kurata. Bum bum a kura uz bolo bez hlavy. Na lebuh buckhingam je hned aj posta oproti mesite. Ta ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 15th 2019

Noc opat tepla. Z postele som sa vykopal az o 9.30. Na ranajky zapadam do jaya restaurant. Davam nasi lemak a pokracujem na nakup vody (0.8rm 1.5l) do mydin supermarketu. Tentoraz karta fungovala hned po prilozeny. Na ubytku spocitane naklady na filipinach, 28dni ma vyslo cca 590€ bez letenky tam. Na izbe len lezanie v posteli, dvere otvorene nech mi prefukuje. Vacsinu casu pisanie s cs z davao, ozvala sa aj carla z barci. Teoreticky sa mozno ku mne pripoji v kyjeve ale moc tomu nedavam. No na to, ze budem v kyjeve reagovala mami a chce tam doletet. Na obed behnutie na lebuh campbell. Tu pri trhu davam street food (tak sa to cul nazyva aby bol clovek in). Tetula mi dala na vyber nudle, berem zlte, a polievku, berem obycajnu. V polievke trochu masa ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town March 14th 2019

Noc bola horuca ale nakonec ostavam v rovnakej izbe. Nieco po 9.00 v plane ranajky a navsteva obchodaku mydin na jalan penang. No a samozrejme neaky ten kes. Ako si tak idem ulickou kukam na obchody a vsetko pozatvarane, vratane zmenarni a tiez supermarketu. Navsteva trhu na jalan chowrasta. Ale len okukavacka, bo ziadne prachy. Na zaciatku predavali indovia volne polozene nicim nezakryte maso ale to je klasika tu v azii. Fotky som ani nerobil, mi to pride normalne. Postupne som sa dostal az ku komtar (mhd bus stanica). V uliciach sa uz pohybovali skupinky cinskych (malajzia, singapur, original ?) turistov, obcas aj biely. Obchodaky i tu zavrete. Vsetko otvarali az o 10.00 V maybank som vybral hotovost, chcel som 230rm ale dalo sa vyberat len po 50tkach, tak vyberam 200rm. Prinajhorsom vyberem zas. Do 10.00 ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang March 13th 2019

V noci volado stisil klimu, tak trochu teplo ale vsetko v ramci normy. Na ranajky toast so zapecenou sunkou a syrom, k tomu mini kusky ovocia a caj. Jednoznacne toto ubytko brat bez ranajok, clovek sa vonku za 50p naje viacej, no ja som nemal prachy a zamienat sa mi nechcelo tak som to bookol cez agodu. Rozlucka s fra a pomalicky pesi na letisko. Bol tu aj jeden starsi kanadan co zije na bali, tu si bol obnovit viza. Anda beach na bohole chvalil, pekna dlha biela plaz, minimum ludi avsak ak si chce clovek zaplavat musi ist velmi daleko do mora. Cesta taxikom na letisko z ubytka stoji 85p. Cez grab zrejme menej. Sa cudujem, kratodoby cestovatelia to nevyuzivaju a idu tam pesi, hlavne ked je vonku na skapanie. Cesta pesi asi 15-20min ale ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi March 4th 2019

Our AirAsia flight supposedly landed 30 minutes early. Yay, said the flight attendant, surprisingly called Beyoncé! That cannot be true, the whole flight was only 20 minutes so unless we went supersonic it was never going to take that long! I got onto the free WiFi so I could order a Grab as soon as we landed. It connected upstairs but as soon as we’d got our bags it dropped and didn’t come up again. I was very reluctant to get an overpriced voucher from the taxi desk. The information counter was really unhelpful, just said it didn’t work downstairs, even though I was pointing at the free WiFi sign. Maybe it’s deliberate to make people use the airport taxis. i was not to be beaten so bought an overpriced bottle of coke from a cafe ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang March 2nd 2019

I just love the title of this email. What does it refer to? Food, of course! Both in the U.S. and around the world, we have encountered food that is so different, mostly culturally distinct, and often, downright strange. The one that stands out for me is the king of fruit, the almighty durian. I tried it on a Kuala Lumpur street corner about a decade ago. I gagged, wanted to spit it out, and must have looked like I was going to barf. They say it takes several tries before the taste is acquired. It has not happened for me, and after three tries, I give up. Much like Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods, the gag reflex is just too strong. We have tried cuy or guinea pig twice now. Once in Cuzco, Peru, and ... read more
Guinea pig aka cuy

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 26th 2019

We spent a quiet night in the hotel, escaping a bad electrical storm and some very heavy rain. Hopefully the humidity would ease but that was too much to expect as it was just as steamy when we went out to Yin’s for breakfast next morning. We spent some time later in the day wandering the shops - they all seemed to open at odd times. We were looking for some more of the street art but it was either hard to find or painted over. A large cat, featured on many of the postcards, had actually been painted over. You could see the shadow of the painting and it had a painted condolence note written on the wall beside it. I think Toowoomba in Australia, where I live, has much more vibrant street art than ... read more
Shoes on the footpath out side tiny shop front mosque
Linny and one of the murals at the HIN Bustop art market
Candied fruits at Chowrasta Market

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 22nd 2019

The next few days in George Town were much less hectic as we paced ourselves in the heat. The gorgeous Peranakan Mansion was first on the sightseeing list. I saw it last trip but as a couple we visited the Blue Mansion then but I felt that this was much more elaborate and wanted Jerry to see it. The mansion is typical of an affluent Baba a century ago and offers the visitor a glimpse of the opulent lifestyle, customs and traditions of that time. The furniture was heavily gilded or inlaid with mother of pearl. The houses were full of imported European china and glassware, English floor tiles and Scottish carvings. The house included some beautiful stained glass windows and minutely detailed wooden Chinese screens. We were particularly interested in the large collection of life ... read more
Evening sky over Kapitan Keling Mosque
More street art
Baba Nyonya portraits and furniture inlaid with mother of pearl in Peranakan Mansion

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