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October 15th 2010
Published: October 15th 2010
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'In the Malay States, they have hats like plates, which the Britishers won't wear'

Very true, Noel - I still don't have a hat.

Due to the Ko Phi Phi camera / cumulonimbus incident, I was cameraless for several days. This meant that there are no pictures of the Petrescu Towers in KL. But everyone knows what they look like anyway, so if you want to Photoshop my head onto an internet picture of them, then feel free. Luckily the earlier photos have been recovered, but Rigadon hasn't got round to uploading them yet.

The Cameron Highlands were a cool and relaxing break from the heat and humidity of KL. A simple stroll up Gunung Brinchang (2,030 metres) turned into an endurance marathon, as a group of 6 people got lost several times and disagreed about which path to take. Also, the map we had wasn't completely honest about the 9km we had to walk to get back to civilisation.

Georgetown, Penang is a moderately interesting city, with lots of options for excellent street food. However, I think the UNESCO World Heritage Status is pushing it a bit.

The insect situation is not improving either. One
Jungle WalkJungle WalkJungle Walk

The route we took was a bit longer than this
crazed bug must have crawled up my left leg to the knee, leaving about 50 bites along the way. And one has bitten me on the chest, creating a fetching Scaramanga / Chandler Bing look.

Malaysia hasn't excited me enough yet - maybe I'm missing something, or perhaps it's the price of beer (a large bottle of which regularly exceeds the cost of a dorm bed for the night).

Thailand (again)

So it's back to Thailand to visit a few places I missed last month, with a quiet night in planned for the 23rd October.

Which means it's back to the same old songs:
Eminem & Rihanna, No Speak Americano, David Guetta & Fergie ('Party and Party and Party and Party' - it's designed to punish people with hangovers) and, most repetitively of all, Shakira - Africa. I appreciate the sentiment that 'it's time for Afreeka'. However, we're in Asia, with a group of Europeans, North Americans and Australasians. It would be more relevant to play 'Fog on the Tyne'. Waka waka eh eh.

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