Ranforest Here We Come

Published: July 5th 2007
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Tonight we are in a dead end town called JERANTUT, on the way to the rainforest. We left Kl and caught a local air con bus to what we thought was the elephant sanctuary but it was an hour away so we ended up getting a taxi driver to take us there and wait then bring us to ... the edge of nowhere. Gary, its a bit like some of the dead end places we stayed in India on the way down from Nepal, BORING! But times have moved on, we got ac room and INTERNET cafe. No pics today coz we forgot the attachment in hotel. I will pass you to G and J to describe the elephant experience...

Hi its G it was so cool in the elephant sanctury. The baby elephants ate peanuts from my hand it was so cute. Then i fed the adult elephants and i put my hand in its mouth to feed it, it was all slobery............... lol. After we went on a big elephant into a river and then it just chucked us off in the water it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi its J when i fed the elephants they sucked the banana through the trunk and blew it into its mouth!! When we went on a ride me, mummy and Gabi went on an elepant in a circle. After that we went on a big elephant in a river and the elephant wnt deep (with us on it) and chucked us in the river and you would think it would land on your leg but we flew off before it landed in the river on its side.

Thats it now leave us some comments everyone we like two hre from you too!
over and out the Guscotts xxx


5th July 2007

sounds like fun
wait to get your reports every day, guess there won't be any till you get out of the rainforest - unless high tech has caught up with that too !!!
5th July 2007

great to see you all!
We are very happy to hear that the elephant sanctuary was a success, and that you have reached the Sleepy Hollow of the jungle. Have a fab time and dont worry about the nocturnal jungle noises - only like sleeping with drunken rugby players....so you will be fine Mrs G. See you back in KL in two weeks LOL xxxxxx
9th July 2007

better than homework
Hi you three, so glad to see J. is adding his comments too. The rate you're going there will be no need to argue about homework 'cos you will have done it day by day recounting your adventures. Waiting for the next blog. XXX

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