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July 8th 2007
Published: July 8th 2007
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3 hours in a boat upstream...murky brown mud all around and the most amazing trees towering above us on both sides!!! Taman Negara the Guscotts have arrived. Only thing that spoiled it was the noise of the boat engine but at least the view was astounding.

First afternoon we went on a trip to visit the natives, ORANG ASLI, where we learned how to make fire and Jay scored a bulls eye with a blow pipe (yes, we bought one and are now travelling around with one). Have to say the 'village' was a little fake but it was lovely to meet the locals...had a laugh with one guy coz they were so amazed at how similar Jay was to them facially, not sure they knew where Jamaica was!

Jungle night trek had to be abandoneddue to heavy storm, we made it to the hide so took shelter there for an hour while the heavens opened...eventually accepted defeate and went back to our ac room through the storm. Got a refund and went back to the hide the next evening on our own.

Canopy walk... g and j loved it, I tried, i really did try but at the 4 m mark I was gripped by fear and just walked backwards to the start then met my kids at the end.

Can't really describe how amazing it was and we didnt see a single creepy crawlie, hope the pics do it justice. if not it is in our memories forever and the rest of you will just have to come try it!

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10th July 2007

coward !!!
Oh well, at least the kids got to do the canopy walk, they can rib you forever about that. you having done the teleferique in Lebanon, although not quite the Cedars Highway this year !! All sounds too exciting.
10th July 2007

It’s great to hear that you are still enjoying the experience and that it is a great adventure, even if its only 4 meters across a bridge, Chicken!!!!!!!! Was the elephant skin rough to ride on or did you have a seat. I am in Liverpool l and head back to Bath for 2 days before going back to Dubai. Keep enjoying and lots of Love daddy. P.S I have been gettibg the text you send Granny.

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