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May 26th 2006
Published: May 27th 2006
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I didnt want to get up. I really didnt. But opening my eyes and facing the Kopi Susu was an inevitability.

Richard, Junko, Anne, Marishka and myself all arranged to go for a trip around the island. Richard was as suprised to see me awake as I was him, with us having been the ones up til gone closing time at 04:30 last night. We hopped into the speedboat and then we were off to see some more of Tioman.

First stop was snorkelling just north of Juara, before we stopped on Juara itself. Juara is the smallest and quietest town on Tioman, literally nothing more than a beach and a couple of shacks. It would be a great place to stay on a honeymoon, but perhaps a little quiet for the solo traveller.

As we headed further south the scenery changed a bit and two huge granite towers appeared on the skyline giving the island a new character.

Next port of call was a waterfall 20 minutes walk from the beack. We swam in the cool water (24degrees) before heading back to the boat.

After lunch there were two more tops - snorkelling at Renggis island (a.k.a. shark island) and amused ourselves by prentending to be sharks at scaring each other! The final stop was feeding the fish in the marine park. All in all a great day, and a trip I would recommend to anyone staying in Tioman.

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12th June 2006

2 B rown Traites
Alex, was glad to see 1. sleeping off hangover and 2. despite your unusual hieght for a Brown, the genes have given you no more favour than the rest of us in the other direction(legs that is). Looks smashing!

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