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June 27th 2012
Published: September 16th 2012
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Bree booked our departure flight for the 93rdday of our allocated 90 day visa...
What's that saying about being up some sort of creek without a paddle?

Today we head to the world heritage city of Melaka as our time in South East Asia is rapidly coming to an end. A comfortable bus ride took us back over the border and into the town to find our first 2 nights’ accommodation. The area we stayed was out of the way to say the least and we actually spent the 2 days pretty much room bound researching America and finalising different details, knowing we would be staying in town for the other 2 nights of our stay.

Marks aunt and uncle have very close friends in Melaka (David & Eric) who we were put in touch with and stayed 2 nights right in town, making it very easy for us to get a feel of the lifestyle here. After picking us up from our hotel and going out for a local lunch at a popular eatery we settled into the apartment and filled the guys in on what we had done so far on the trip. David had made a reservation at a local restaurant to give us a taste of the local peranaken food, and wow it was delicious. It was then off to check out the popular night markets before finding a quite bar for a round of drinks before calling it a night.

We awoke to a continental breakfast and felt like we could really get used to this lifestyle, and after booking a bus to KL for the following day we set out to take walk around the area. It started with the Melaka flyer, a 360 degree viewing platform that gave us a great view of the area totally 360 degrees which was handy.

It was decided we should jump on a 45 minute river cruise taking in many areas of interest and on a day which was so hot it was nice to be out on the water before we continued our walk.

After doing a bit of research we realised we needed to plan an escape route from America as we were entering on a 1 way ticket, and what we thought would be a simple flight or train ride to Canada turned out to be wrong. Eventually we found the cheapest flight available, from Miami to Honduras. The next problem and definitely the funniest was that Bree booked our departure flight for the 93rd day of our allocated 90 day visa. What's that saying about being up some sort of creek without a paddle? After having a good laugh we called the airline and luckily enough we could change it for no extra cost.

After a beautiful pork dinner we cultured ourselves with a viewing of the silent film ‘The Artist’. Before heading off to the bus station the following morning Eric treated us to a traditional Indian breakfast of fresh dipping pancakes and sauces, delicious and very unhealthy way to start the day but no complaints from me.

After bidding farewell to David and Eric after 2 great days of company & hospitality we boarded our bus heading to KL, 2 hours on the bus with no air we were happy to land at the train station, which then required us to take 4 different trains before we made it to Bukit Bintang.

We were on our final 24 hours in Asia and we set out n a mission to locate an internet cafe so we could print our boarding passes for our flight and various other tickets for events we had booked in for in Vegas. We managed to find an internet cafe Google had told us about. “No, sorry we do not have internet”. This seemed to be the go for the following 3 we had come across. One shop clearly signed ‘Internet Cafe’ even had a sign hanging in the window – “No Internet, please do not ask”. Fair enough then. Finally found one in the back corner of a small shopping centre and our check list to leave this continent was complete.

Being able to check your luggage in at a train station is such a great idea, we first experienced this in Hong Kong 5 years ago, so after dumping our backpacks at the Malaysian Air outlet it was a nice 30 minute train ride to the station, and soon enough we were in the air heading off on our next adventure...... The US of A via a quick stop in Tokyo just for good measure.

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16th September 2012
Dinner with David & Eric

Enjoyed Your Visit
Hi, Thanks for the nice words. We enjoyed your visit and are enjoying your blog. Regards, Eric & David
17th September 2012

Looking good
Hey Guys, some more great photo,s and enjoying the blog as there are lots of things that you obviously remember as you write that I have not heard previosly. Love you lots xxx
17th September 2012
Line 'em Up

very cool photo :)
17th September 2012
Line 'em Up

Hi Guys, Thanks very much. Just checked out your blogs - and noticed you were in Turkey. We are here now and loving it. Currently in Goreme. Enchanting Place!
20th September 2012
Melaka Church

Amazes me how places change...they must have tripled the lights around this church from when I was there...green water in the canal...wow

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