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November 7th 2010
Published: November 16th 2010
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Day 1/2

Mel took us to the Cairns international at 10.30am to check in for our flight to Darwin. When we got there we were lining up to check into the next leg to Singapore when we were lucky enough to be checked into an earlier flight straight away. Heaven knows waiting at the Singapore airport beats Darwin any day! We got into Singapore at 7.10pm local time (about 10.5 hours since Cairns) then tried to get changed to any earlier flight to Kuala Lumpur says no! We hung out in Changi airpot for 4 hours taste testing duty free drinks, getting foot massages and browsing through clothes we could not afford.
Once we finally got to KL LCCT we got the Skybus to KL Sentral station. Our driver beat the land speed bus record. Victor met us there and took our sleepy panda eyes to our hotel room.
The next day we went down for a breakfast or spring rolls, noodles, chicken, omelettes, toast and fruit. Our first stop was to the Batu Cave, a cave filled with temples and statues dedicated to the Hindu gods. Everything was so colourful and arty. There is a massive golden statue at the front and several flights of steep stairs going up the mountain and into the cave. Inside people are chanting, incense is burning, bells are ringing and monkeys are scavenging bananas off the tourists. There are even people there with giant pythons and iguanas! Back down at the bottom of the mountain is a beautiful lake and garden with statues and waterfalls. There are more temples and Emily was blessed by a monk who put white ash on her forehead and gave her a yellow chrysanthemum. KL has got to be the greenest city ever, there are so many trees, gardens and parks here. It's really nice
It started to rain so we ducked into a little Indian restaurant that Vic had been to before. We had chapattis, rotis and tostie with dahl and sweet indian tea. It was so yummy and filling and only cost a few dollars.
Next we head back towards the city to Little India where we looked at the stalls filled with clothes, shoes, bags and watches. We went into the Central Markets and were getting our feet cleaned by these little fish when Crik accidently knocked our sony DSLR straight into the water...Oh no!!!!! We thought someone in Chinatown would be able to pull the camera apart and fix it, but it wasn't so simple and we ended up just walking through the massively long street of stalls and heading back to the hotel. Later on we went down the road to a nice Indian restaurant....
And that was our Indian component of Malaysia done.

Day 3

We had to move hotels today, so we went with Victor to his school in Times Square then walked around the area for an hour looking for somewhere to stay. We ended up doing a big circle and came almost back to where we started! We booked into the Hotel Capitol which is very close to Butnik Bintang and right in the heart of KL. We can see the Petronas Towers from our 16th floor room! Now this is what KL really feels like load of people, big tall skyscrapers, food stalls, reflexology massage parlours and shops, shops, shops.
Vic had school until 2pm so we went spent the day shopping! The shopping centres are massive, I mean, really massive. We went to Low Yak Plaza ()which we dubbed low fat lak!) which is floors of electronics. Chris was looking around for a new camera to replace our broken one. They are sooooo cheap here! Not sure if we will get one though. Some of the shopping centers even connect to each other so you ended up totally lost! FUN. We ended up at Sungei Wang Plaza with a few pairs of shoes and clothes. But I still need to find a cocktail dress for the sky bar tomorrow night. Vic took us to this food court for lunch. It was a bit like the Cairns night markets. We had a buffet which they call Economic Rice. You're given a plate of rice then you can choose from dozens of dishes, they the girl at the counter estimates how much you got and if you got the more expensive dishes and picks a price! I have no idea what we were eating.....hahahaha
We went down Jalan Alor road for some dinner. The streets are jammed packed with stalls and restaurants and stopped at a stall that was selling various meats, fish, veg and unnameables threaded onto sticks and there a pots of hot water and hot oil there so you can cook your own. We had some seafood wontons and they were pretty nice. They sell lots of frog here. We saw some live in a cage and they were so gross, more like a toad. I cannot eat Kermit!!
For dinner we found this restaurant (by restaurant I mean loads of plastic tables and chairs on the footpath with a big kitchen by the road). The food was fantastic! The hawkers here are my favourite in the world so far. Everyone of them just says thank you and walks away when you say no. It's sooo good. People here are really nice and friendly and when you smile at them, they genuinely smile back. We wondered around for a few hours after dinner and stopped in for a jug of beer at the Pavillion complex, which is a flash shopping center. A jug of beer costed us 49rm which seems so extortionate when a shirt costs 20rm and a meal is 12rm! But the service was great and we justed needed a beer 😊

Day 4

We started off our day with a trip back down to the Pavillion and had the best coffee ever. I have decided I don't like service included because I want to be able to decide if and how much of a tip I think someone deserves. I would have given the coffee guys more than the 10% service included, but because that was what was on the bill, that's what they got!
Vic told us we could go on this public tour of Putrajaya, which is like Malaysia's Canberra. We took the monorail to the train station then headed out of town to find this perfected planned and manicured government city. Turns out the tours are only on the weekends so we took just a normal bus into Precint 1 and read pamphlets on the way! It is really pretty there with carefully manicured gardens and trees. All the buildings there are super sized. The building where the government sits has big gorgeous green domes on it and the building with the prime minister resides has a big pink dome. There are 7 different kinds bridges like suspended, arch etc and many other mad buildings. It feels a lot like the Trueman show in there and we also noticed that there were hardly any people walking around, except children.
We met Vic at Time Square where he goes to school. His building is also a massive multi-storey shopping centre, hotel, restaurants and even has a fun park with full scale roller coaster in it! AMAZING...I wish my school had been like this! Chris and I got some new clothes becuase Vic had booked us a booth in the Skybar which has the best view of the Petronas Towers. They looked so surreal all shiny and lit up in the night. The drinks were a bit pricey and the music was rubbish, but the view was so worth it! Afterwards we met one of Vic's mate's at another bar. Now this bar was great, awesome tunes, strobes, delicious cocktails (we had 7), funky furniture and good staff. We were really happy to end our last night in KL on such a high...thanks Victa!
Because our flight to Hanoi was at 6,30am and we needed to leave at 3.30am so we decided to book a night near KL Sentral and get a bus to the airport rather than stay at Vic's and get a cab out there. The room was cheaper than a cab but although the hotel was only a month old, the room smelt like an ashtray!


25th August 2011

Batu Caves
When we went to the Batu Caves the stairs nearly killed me :)

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