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14th July 2015

Nice article, thanks for sharing this information. Last week I visited to Pune, It's really a best place for enjoying.I stayed at Orbett Hotel is one of the best luxury Star Hotel in Pune Deccan where luxury meets comfort.
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6th May 2013

Santorini is for Lovers
We love this island, this country, the people and the food! Great photos. Thanks for the memories.
From Blog: Santorini
15th January 2013

Great blog
Thanks for giving us the details, great blog
22nd November 2011

Cool picture.
25th August 2011

Batu Caves
When we went to the Batu Caves the stairs nearly killed me :)
4th June 2011

Great Blogs!
Love reading your blogs. Your photos are great too. It is like travelling around the world from my computer chair. Looking forward to your next blog. Cheers, Sonja
19th November 2010

Hey guys! sounds like you're having fun, but i doubt it's nearly as fun as being at work lol Been enjoying your blog, hope the reality is even more fun then how it sounds!
29th October 2010
Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza
That photo is so wicked i wish I went to egypt
12th October 2010

I only just noticed your comment. Sure you can use it!
7th August 2010
Pyramids of Giza

pls,.... dont make a hole...
18th January 2010

A Shout!
This is a great picture! Thanks!
3rd November 2009

Fantastic visits to Hiroshima and Miyajima
I am very surprised to know that you found the pub, Molly Mollone and met with Victor's work mates there. Victor and I went to one of Okonomiyaki shops in the main shopping area and I still remember the flovour and aromour of the food. It was good to touch the huge legs of the Ootorii and watch the solemn shintoo rituals at Miyajima, was't it? I am also pleased to know that you had a rare opportunity to watch the Sumotoli (Sekitoli) and their live performance. The winter tournament ( fuyu basho) will be held in Fukuoka in November. The schools of Sumo (Oyakata and Deshi), the masters and disciples must be on their move westward to reach Fukuoka soon. In the meanwhile you are heading eastward for Kyooto, then back to Tookyoo and finally southbound for your homeland in a few days time. You must be eager to see a lot more places between now and then. Take care and Ganbatte ne, jaa mata. Haha yoli.
1st November 2009

the most concise descriptions
Your descriptions of the temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara are very impressive. To jump off the stage at Kiyomizu means that you take a big chance in your life and hope for the best. For me coming to Australia in 1978 was exactly to jump off the high stage. As I landed on the lowest ground, I had to climb up the steep hill to gain a wider view. Now I have a much better view of my life and others after having live here over 31 years. I am amazed to find how far I had to jump. I am pleased to know that you have taken much interest in history and culture of Japan. Haha yoli
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30th October 2009

It must have been freezing in the moutains but was worth bearing the cold rain to watch the monkies and the beautiful autumnal colours, wasn't it? It is still too early to enjoy the full view of red and gold "momiji and kaede"( the typical autumn foliage) in Kyoto and Miyajima in early November. Miyajima is famous for "momiji" and "momiji manjuu" may be your omiyage sweets. According to your itinerary, you are sighting in Himeji today on the 30th of October. No doubt that you will be very impressed with the magnificent Himeji Castle and the tidy and charming "kokoen" garden. jaamatane. haha yoli
11th April 2009

roomies that was such a cool diary, i thought u guys might have decided to just stay :)
27th January 2009

The five lands rule!
I visited these parts of Italy many times before. However last May was my first time to Cinque Terre. I liked it a lot. It is just such a picturesque place! If you are interested, you can check out a couple of nice photos on Take care, M.

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