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Asia » Macau » Macau April 2nd 2013

At China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, I buy my ferry ticket to Macau. As the name already suggests, there are quite a few ferries to mainland Chinese cities like Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Gaoming. Thus, the ferry terminal is heaving with mainlanders, all of whom seem to have come to Hong Kong to go on a shopping spree. Their presence doesn't really faze me, though, as I don't have to compete with them for seats. I pass through immigration, where I get stamped out of Hong Kong, then walk to the gate to wait for departure. The ferry itself takes only about an hour to get to Macau. The ride reminds me of the one I took from Ko Tao back to mainland Thailand. The South China Sea is rather choppy that day, making ... read more
Ruins Of Saint Paul's Cathedral
Pasteis de nata
Little Buddhist shrine

Asia » Macau » Macau March 1st 2013

I had been to Macau once for work 10 years ago and thought I would check it out again....thinking that I love Vegas and China has been cool. So, why not see how they mix. Well, it was not that at all. Macau is very tame and the casino games are not at all what they are like in Las Vegas. But I had some time to see the why not get a feel of old Portugal/Europe and new China?... read more
Sorta Looks like Europe hey?
From St. Peter's Church Ruins Hill
Around Macau

Asia » Macau » Coloane Island February 13th 2013

"Proxima paragem: Avenida General Castelo Branco" gracchia l'altoparlante dell'autobus. E' la mia fermata. Passo di fronte e mi inchino davanti alla barocca Igreja do Nossa Senora de Fatima ma tiro dritto e mi dirigo senza più nessuna esitazione verso il luogo in cui ho deciso di giocarmi tutti i risparmi di una vita dedicata al lavoro: il canidromo di Macau! Il programma prevede di starmene beatamente seduto in tribuna fumando acri sigari del Guangxi, sorseggiando pessimo baijiu marca "verga di toro", scommettendo su un branco di levrieri alla disperata rincorsa di una finta lepre appesa ad un carrello. Sfortunatamente gli astri mi sono avversi e ci si mette il capodanno lunare a privarmi di cotante emozioni: una settimana di chiusura totale e cani disoccupati ad annoiarsi nelle loro gabbie; mi ritrovo allora in città con una ... read more
La città di Macau
La facciata della chiesa di San Paolo
mi hanno rifilato 10 patacche

Asia » Macau January 5th 2013

Asia » Macau December 19th 2012

1992-7 VIetnam Hong Kong Macau Korea 7 12 92 1of2 1992,7-12 Hongkong macau china, VN 2of2 After Las Vegas, Macau is one of the biggest gambling areas in the world. Macao is about 60km east of Hong Kong. 624,000 peoples in 31km2. It was a former Portuguese colony until 12-2-1999 transferred to China under 'one country , two system'. Macau has its own legal, police force but defense, foreign affairs are under China control. It is one of the world richest cities and is the world largest gambling center and the economy depends heavy on gambling and tourist. Back in the history. Macao was a vacant territory belonged to Qin dynasty then Mongalia invaded China then Chinese came here to have temporary shelters under Ming Dynasty 1368 to 1644. The fishermen ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau November 4th 2012

Only one word can describe about Macau, it is enchanted. Why so? If you happen to visit Macau you would feel and see all glamorous yet humble atmosphere. Noon version of Macau offered delighted humble city with European touch in it. Small streets, city cars, motor bikes, and lots of people. The touch of Europe would get stronger if you visit Senado square. In Senado square, there are a lot of pieces of Europe that would fulfill your greedy eyes. Those would be Ruin Saint Paul, Saint Peter Church and many more. Night version of Macau was very glamour. Big and wide buildings would start their lights attraction. It was very colorful. All gambler around the world will gather and makes Macau looked more likely Vegas. Bingo machine and people's chattering rings unto your ears when ... read more
Street Beside The Ruins Saint Paul
View From Ruins Saint Paul
View From Ruins Saint Paul

Asia » Macau » Macau October 25th 2012

Day 2. Macau. We get up bright and early. Again. Well technically I was up at 1 then 3 then finally got up at 6. Today we take a trip to Macau. I'm afraid I didn't know much about it except its an Asian Las Vegas. It's a mix of Chinese and Portuguese influence. I'm excited to see the architecture and of course the food. The mix of Portuguese and Asian flavors not to mention the Portuguese egg tarts. We get ready and head down o the ferries. I assumed tht this ferry would be similar to the ones servicing Vancouver to Victoria type thing. I forget that we are technically going to another country and we have to go thru immigration. Don't worry, I tell my motion sensitive friend, these ferries are big and you ... read more
Dam ferry
Inside Lisboa

Asia » Macau » Macau October 18th 2012

Brevity cannot be said to be my strong point on these blogs, case-in-point being that I am writing about Macau nearly a week after our daytrip there. Even though it is absolutely freezing here in this room metres away from the Great Wall in northern China, and there is nothing better (or warmer) to do but curl into a ball in bed and write on my phone, I'll try keep to keep this one short. Macau is China's other Special Administrative Region along with Hong Kong, and was similarly diplomatically wrestled from its colonial master, Portugal, in 1999. It is now most famous for its casinos, and is considered a larger gambling centre than Las Vegas. I expect this is predominantly due to the coach loads of Chinese citizens who cross the border for a flutter. ... read more

Asia » Macau August 7th 2012

I’ve finally come to accept that when we go anywhere as a group we will always leave at least half an hour later than planned; having been told to meet at ten, we finally managed to leave our accommodation at eleven, taking with us a few casualties from the previous night and a few people who were still drunk (I think trying to leave the building without shoes and sliding round a shopping mall on his back were a bit of a give away). We decided on an 11pm return ferry home, giving us enough time to visit the casinos without (hopefully) a) falling asleep in them b) spending all our money. We got on our 12.30pm ferry by the skin of our teeth, it was a bumpy ride to say the least and it definitely ... read more
Easily pleased
A water fountain

Asia » Macau » Macau August 6th 2012

This blog comes to you mid way through our time in Hong Kong. We have left the city for the day to hit the bright lights of Macau. Although expensive to get to and from at 600HK$ roughly £50 it is cheaper than most air fares and adds to our stamp collection! The former Portuguese colony now bears the same title as HK as a special administrative region of china. The country is Cantonese through and through with English coming third to mandarin. The hour ferry crossing was easy enough although a little choppy, the welcoming was anything but. We must have switched queues at immigration four times, each line coming to a standstill! After 45 minutes, stamp gained, we were on our way to the worlds largest casino, The Venetian. Luckily all the thirty odd ... read more
New dress Lauren had to buy
Love the woman in this pic!
First on the hydrofoil!

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