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Asia » Macau October 16th 2005

All the photos are in the dead of night, I'm glad it ended up that way but Macau was a quick trip. Nick, a young Kiwi toymaker, and I headed for Hong Kong central and had a great time, sleeping half the day away when I should have been on a boat to Macau. When I had finally made it it was already dark and with a flight at noon the next day I chose the obvious. Ditch the bag at the ferry station and walk with the camera, all night, no hotel. I headed for Taipa, one of two small islands connected by bridge, Florida Keys style, I was in search of a good Macanese meal in the old Portuguese district. Sausage with wicked spice and potato soup hit the spot, not so different as ... read more
Taipa Island
Governors Area
Taipa street scence

Asia » Macau July 19th 2005

Managed to get 4 passport stamps in total -- exit entry exit entry. Caught the ferry over to mainland China to Macau but this does not mean we went to China, oh no no no. Not entirely sure but think Macau might be like Hong Kong in that it used to be a colony - Portugese to be precise - and is now part of China but still has separate passport/visa controls. Hence arriving in Macau felt like arriving in Europe! To start with they seem to be trying to turn into Monaco and are building a series of casinos - a volcano, a pyramid etc on the beach. Caught a bus over one of the excess number of rollercoaster style bridges (including the famous friendship bridge) to Taipa - a gorgeous little Portugese style village ... read more

Asia » Macau » Macau May 30th 2005

Here are some pictures from Macau.... read more
Outer ring of the Macau Tower
Macau Tower
Sao Paulo Church

Asia » Macau April 8th 2005

Yesterday mom and I did a day trip by boat to Macau. We felt honor-bound to undertake this adventure as my dad grew up there and well, he did pay for this trip. The place now belongs to China but is a special economic zone with relative autonomy over itself other than national security and foreign relation policies. This place is relatively unexciting if you don't feel the need to go to one of the many casinos. I found that the lights were just as glittery in Macau as Las Vegas but not as exciting. Las Vegas casino hotels had certain attractions to captivate the tourists. Here, you just came to gamble... no delicious dinner buffets or circus shows. This place used to be a portuguese colony and had a bunch of churches. The most famous ... read more
St Paul's

Asia » Macau » Macau April 2nd 2004

Tony woke me about 5.30 am – apparently he couldn't sleep due to my snoring!! Decided to get up anyway & get an early start – going to catch a ferry to Macau today. Ate breakfast in our room (we bought cereal & milk yesterday) & were on our way by 7 am. Our first stop was the KCR station to see if we could buy train tickets for our trip to Shenzhen tomorrow. We had to walk a long distance through a flyover and several hotel lobbies before we found it, and then discovered you buy your tickets on the day. Tony yelled at me and made me cry. We then caught the ZMTR from Prince Edward Station to Sheung Wan, which is where the Macau ferry leaves from. The ferry costs HK141 (about $25) ... read more
Senado Square
Senado Square
St Michael Cemetery

Asia » Macau December 19th 1986

An exciting aspect of overseas travel, dear reader, comes from grasping new opportunities that are presented on the road. I was learning to keep an open mind as a traveller and trying to make every post a winner when it comes to new travel adventures. I mean to say, how could I resist a visit to Macau when it is only sixty kilometres south west of Hong Kong, and can be reached in just over an hour on a high speed ferry out of Victoria Harbour? This proved to be an irresistible lure for me, and I climbed aboard the ferry for a weekend trip to Macau full of anticipation. It was exciting to have the chance to visit this unique country in the heart of Asia, which at the same time is a country that ... read more
Ruins of St. Paul's
Lago de Senado
Lovely park

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