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February 22nd 2009
Published: February 22nd 2009
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Amazingly carved door
Thursday, February 19th, 2009
After we got our Vietnamese visas we headed to the bus station to catch a bus to the "Buddha Park". An eccentric guy had combined various eastern religions and built a ton of statues from all of their gods. We weren't too excited about it, but is was something to do.
At the bus station we found the right bus but it was packed, and the tuk-tuk drivers kept hassling us. Soon Ferdi had had enough and we decided the "Buddha Park" just wasn't worth the effort.

We got a baguette and some fresh fruit from the market and headed to a nearby park for a snack.

As we were riding around we saw a computer shop and decided to take our laptop in so they could have a look at it. We had to go all the way back to our hotel to pick it up. Ferdi had tried it after we arrived here but it was still not working. However, when the guy at the shop turned it on it worked just fine!


It's like when your car has a problem or makes a funny sound and when you take it to a mechanic it works fine or there's no sound and you end up looking like a schmuck! We were very relieved though and went back to the hotel to see if it would work away from the "mechanic". So far so good.

We read and napped the afternoon away and went out for some lovely, creamy lasagna! After dinner we walked in an area we have never visited and got mango & pineapple fruit shakes. Mmm...

Ferdi started feeling nauseous and a little weak in the legs. We suspect the lasagna was just too creamy.

Today's highlights:
1. The laptop regains consciousness!
2. Survived the crazy streets of Vientiane once again
3. Enjoyed nice cheesy lasagna

Friday, February 20th, 2009
We just read the whole morning and went out for lunch. It was very hot and humid and Ferdi started feeling terrible again. We hid from the heat in our room for the rest of the day reading.

In the evening we went to a riverside restaurant and then to the local bowling alley. The place was packed and we didn't get a chance to play.

In the last two days we've both managed to read two good-sized books! Very nice.

Today's highlights:
1. Read our books and relaxed

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