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January 27th 2010
Published: February 1st 2010
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The day following the Mushroom episode was fairly short. Tried to sleep as much as much as possible so the effects would wear off, but felt a little spaced out all day. El and I went for a fruit salad in a quiet restaurant mid afternoon (was craving vitamins), then read our books in our room not wanting to face the sun or the public.
The day after, we were up early and out doing errands by 10am. We booked our VIP coach to Cambodia - cost us 40quid... just when we'd got used to paying 10 for long journeys! At least we're confident it will be a nice coach! We also handed over our passports (so he could arrange our Cambodian VISA's) and he told us we'd need to collect them from Vientiane (along the way to Cambodia). I wasn't really comfortable with this arrangement, but he seemed like he knew what he was doing and had a well kitted out travel office, so we took the risk and trusted him.
The lads from Kent (that we'd met in Ko Samui) had said we must try the food at Junglebar, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Had a chicken burger then headed to the Hotel (that we'd spotted when we had arrived) and paid to use their pool. Late afternoon we ordered tempura vegetables but weren't really keen so fed them to a starving local cat instead.
El had taken a turn for the worse when we got back to the room, her sickness bug keeps coming back so after a few hours reading in the room, I made sure she had plenty of water and I nipped out for some food. I've never been out for dinner on my own, it's probably something that ordinarily I'd avoid at all costs, but you see so many people traveling on their own out here that it's really common. Headed for the comfy cushions in Friends bar and sat writing up my journal getting distracted by the odd funny scene... mainly Ross, he's my fave! Ben & Olly came over to say hello then I spent a few hours on the internet. I completely lost track of time and before I knew it the owner was shutting up the shop at midnight.


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