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February 13th 2006
Published: February 13th 2006
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With a little help from a few American compatriots (Paul and Will from Minnesota) we decided that the Laos word for Hello, Sabadee, sounds like Suup Buuudy....Thus this is how I have started greeting people. Maybe it's only funny in my head, or it's one of those you have to be here to understand it. So all you get your butts to Laos...
So after 8 great days in Luang Prabang I decided to head south to check out the backpacker town of Vang Vieng. My van broke down on the way there but luckily 3 Norwegians drove by and offered to give me a ride, leaving the other passangers of my van behind. It took them 12 hours to make the journey, while I got there in 6. few!!!
Found a lovely room with a bathroom for 4 dollars and then went to go check out the town. Now I'd heard the rumors about the restaurants with movies playing constantly as well as the 2 or 3 restaurants the only play "Friends" and the other restaurants that play "family guy" and "Simpsons." I thought it would be really cool. Thuogh it was pretty cool and when I
Laos girlLaos girlLaos girl

Collecting bottles to recycle. I think
sat down at one of these restaurants for a "quick" bite to eat. That quick bite to eat turned into a tv marathon. I found myself saying "just one more episode" well that on more episode would turn into 2 then 3 then 4 and pretty soon I had been sitting at this restaurant for 2 and a half hours...whilst my life flew by. I figure I'm in Laos I should be enjoying myself and I can watch friends anywhere so I decided get off me bumb and check out som nature. peace out mother nature!!!! Word
My first full day I decided to go on a kayaking trip. We kayaked down the beautiful river in Vang Vien, stopped to see some amazing caves, that we had to take tubes about 300 meters over water to get there, thus i didn't bring my camera. We kayaked about 12km, stopped at a cool little bar along the river but I wished I had gone tubing instead cuz my sholders and lower back were so sore from the kayaking.Boy am I out of shape.
Spent another day just lying on a hamock reading Lance Armstrong Biorgraphy "It's not about the bike." I knew his story was ispirational but wow. I suggest it to anybody.
I met a really cool group of Americans (Minesota), English girls (Liverpool), and two germans (Berlin) . WE went tubbing down the river, and we might have stopped two three of four times for beer. I don't remember.
Side Note. I also me some idiot from Mendicion California who made me embarassed to say that I was from California. He was extremely innebriated and just was a poor representation of America in general. Though most fo the Americans I have met along my travels have made me proud to be an American I have to sadly say that this guy did not. But on a happier note he tried to do fire dancing it was pertty funny to see him hit him self with the fire and laugh at how ridiculious he was.
Vang Vien is an extremely touristy town in the middly of Laos. Some people love others hate it. I think I liked it thought it sort of made me feel weird. It felt like a camp for big kids. Bars, kayaking, drinking, smoking, swimming. If you can sit back and
Butterfly EffectButterfly EffectButterfly Effect

Cool experience, and an amazing view
really enjoy it for it's magical surroundings of limestone mountains, caves and beautiful river you can get away from the weird twilight feeling of TV Street. I decided I'd had enough R and R from my R and R so I headed back To Luang Prabang to do some Hill Tribe Trekking, and really try and understand the different clutures of Lao

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Chandler is the funniest
Scenic ViewsScenic Views
Scenic Views

Drive from Luang Prabang TO Veng Vien. Amazing Views
Hanging out on the RiverHanging out on the River
Hanging out on the River

Reading, swimming, and living. this is my life
Pretty little girlPretty little girl
Pretty little girl

One of the little girls who ran up to our car when we stopped to stretch

One of the 7 Dwarfs
Last picture of Locals I swearLast picture of Locals I swear
Last picture of Locals I swear

This girl had the pretiest smile, I just had to take a picture

13th February 2006

eyyy yo
i looooooooooooooved... LOVED vang vien! wish we went tubbin for the day together... next time
13th February 2006

Shout out to MN
Glad you met some of my Minnesota folk - good people, no? Miss you, Adam!
14th February 2006

Davis needs a Happy Menu
Delta of Venus probably has a under-the-table Happy Menu, I need to associate with that plane a tad more. I could use a tasty eye-opening breakfast one of these days. You know, chillin in Davis isn't exactly equal floating down foreign rivers, understand how lucky you are. And take advantage of EVERYTHING. I would. Jesus would, too.
15th February 2006

Gadi says "supbudy"
Hey there chiller... As much as I wish I was there with you doing these amazing things, I think it's appropriate that you're doing it on your own as these experiences are yours to live with, forever. Do not own them, own nothing. But live with them, do not distance yourself from them, do not get close to them. Just be with them. Stay clean, dawg. I'm proud of you. Now grow out your hair you wannabe hippie.
17th October 2007

nice question
by the looks of his say he has been a sailor

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