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March 21st 2013
Published: March 24th 2013
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13-19th Mar
o.k. so we haven't quite left Laos, the blog meister was waiting for Sophie and Jonathan's input on earlier activities.

It was like a tourist brochure. Kuang Si waterfall was as high as a skyscraper. At the beginning we saw a turquoise pool that was surrounded by trees and boulders. I wanted to just jump in but I knew there would be more. Then we went on and there was another pool. It had a rope swing where you had to climb a tree to get it. The tree was so high up, it looked really scary. We went to the last pool where you could jump off a little waterfall. We went on, and there was an enormous waterfall. It was very big, it looked so cold but fun. You weren't allowed to swim there, so we walked to the top of the waterfall. It took us about 15-minutes, we ran down, got changed and jumped in. I was frozen and got out as quick as I could. Dad wanted me to jump off a little waterfall, so I did and zoomed out. Then we went to the rope swing, I was really freaked out as everybody watched you and clapped. I found it so fun, I did it again. I loved how you got to the highest point then let go. On the way out we went to the bear sanctuary. One of the bears had got into what looked like a big hammock. Another bear was standing on his hind legs. He was so tall. Sophie

Today we went up a giant waterfall. First we went up next to it to where we thought was the top of the waterfall but there was a small river and tonnes of large spiders. When we got down I got changed and went into a mega cold mega deep pool. Then we went onto a rope swing into another pool. It was amazing! After we went to a village where children as young as 1 were selling things. Jonathan

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26th March 2013

Way to go Jonathan!
26th March 2013

26th March 2013

I think Sophie will be a few inches taller when she gets back...
30th March 2013
Handicraft Stall in Local Village

Handcraft Stall
Gee Sophie. You look most elegant in that outfit and tall. I think you have grown during the trip.

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