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December 2nd 2010
Published: December 2nd 2010
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1: Who needs a rubby ducky when you have an h-ele-fant 49 secs
2: What a catch! 44 secs

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Abigail learns to fishAbigail learns to fishAbigail learns to fish

I caught a cat fish - it was very tasty but only the size of an anchovy so not exactly a hearty meal
Our guidebook says that if Thailand, Vietnam and Laos were tuc-tuc drivers, Thailand would take you to your destination via a silkshop, Vietnam would run you over in an effort to get your business and you would have to wake Laos up and pursuade it to take you where you want to go. It is certainly true that Laos is laidback but unfortunately I have discovered that I do not "do" laidback particularly well. After a couple of days attempting to relax but secretly missing the attentions of the street hawkers I decided to book Tom and myself onto a gruelling three day trek through the jungle.

We have now lived life as the locals do and bedded down in a wooden hut, I have faced not one but two snakes, taken a live scorpian for a walk and seen a praying mantis. Not facing enough danger, we spent 5 hours kayaking down the Mekong - granted it was supposed to take three hours but the kayak was definately faulty and didn't seem to want to go in a straight line.

To top it off Tom and I have spent a day learning the tricks of the elephant handlers - absolutely petrified I clung to the poor elephant for dear life - Tom on the other hand is a natural and has decided on a new career as a "Mahoot" (elephant trainer) its definately preferable to commuting on the Northern line!

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2nd December 2010

Water in the Mekong?
Hello Miss Abigail! Glad to hear your at least trying to relax occasionally lol. We are headed to Laos in a couple days and heard reports that the river was to low to boat from Thia crossing up to the north. Did you do any river traveling? Did you hear of any traffic that had been stopped due to low water? How is Tom's knee? How long are you in Laos, and where are you headed now? Much love to you both! Nani

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