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March 24th 2008
Published: March 26th 2008
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A very lazy day revisiting places that we seen last year. Today is very overcast with rain pending but to our pleasure it is cool. It is very stange here that you can set an aircon at 25 deg and think that it is cool, if you want it really chillie you move it down to 24 deg.

Booked our bus tickets for Udomxai for Wednesday morning.

Wat Xieng Thong is one of the most calming Wat's that we have visited in Lao. The Royal Funeral Carriage standing 12 meters high is something to be seen. Naga's and Urns encrusted with Gold and Mirrors. The building must have been built around it as the top is just under the roofline. The main Wat exudes a feeling of peace and tranquillity. A wonderful place to stop and sit in the cool and reflect. It seems to have the same effect on everyone who enters it, not a word is spoken and if it is, it is in very hushed tones.

We leave the Wat and wander down another street to find Pappadams on racks in the sun drying. A little further and we are greeted by yet another French building of an impressive size. It is amazing the amount of money that the French brought with then to this area when they did. People of commerce and industry but also those that were fleeing the courts of France, not mention Duels, gambling debts and I would also think fathers who did not wish to live up to the responsibilities of illegitimate children.

Once again dinner at the Veggie Buffet and a wander through the night market. We did buy some braclets and a few other little things, but not much.


3rd April 2008

peace and tranquility
your comment on how peaceful and tranquil the Wat was strikes a chord. I always find it interesting when I go into a place of worship - some are grand but seem to have no soul, they have no feeling of welcome or peace. Some can be very humble but you can feel the comfort, peace and love that seems to surround you when you enter them. It does not seem to be linked to any particular faith - it can occur across all. I am glad you were able to experience that time of peace and tranquility, treasure it.

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