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March 23rd 2008
Published: March 26th 2008
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Up and down to the landing once again to find that we have changed boats - OH SHIT! much smaller and the same amount of people are going to get onto it. It is packed with litterally no space to move around, people have climbed on top of all the back packs to find a seat (actually they were the wise ones) as the seats are once again just a piece of wood and my arse is numb within the first hour - Oh Well, only 7 hours to go.

As we travel down the river we see the day to day life of the Lao people. I often wounder how they survive, nearly totally self sufficient - fishing, growing their own vegetables and building their homes from what the forest around them provides. We see some working the banks of the river for Gold and often the glimpse of a Wat. As the day progresses I am becoming more uncomfortable with the seat and find that sitting is becoming a real chore, alas the only other option is to swim - I think not!

Around 5:30 we pass the Buddha Cave and we know that we are now getting close. A girl from the back of the boat is chatting with a girl in front of us and has been told that there is still another 3 hours to go, she looks greatly relieved when we point out Phu Si, which sits atop of a hill in the centre of Luang Prabang.

Arriving at 6:30pm, getting off the boat is a nightmare until someone thinks that maybe it would be a good thing to make a chain gang and pass all the luggage the length of the boat to the shore. This done we were all off in no time.

Once again climbing a hill, into a Tuk Tuk and too our hotel in the Old Quarter of Luang Prabang.

Settled in and time for dinner - we both know some good eateries in this town but decided on the Vegetarian Buffet which was a hit with both of us last year.

A wander through the night market and it is time for bed. We have both been looking for sleep by 10pm of an evening. I think that is due to the heat and humidity, but also we have been awake early in the mornings enjoying the cool before the heat of the day.

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Pak Ou CavesPak Ou Caves
Pak Ou Caves

These caves are home to hundreds of Buddha's

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