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August 15th 2012
Published: September 15th 2012
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So my sister Shanta and friend Manjula have joined me for the rest of Laos and Cambodia. I knew when my energetic sister arrived there would be no laid back traveling, as I have been doing up till now. Since she has joined me, I have been up at 7 am every morning and ready for breakfast by the time she has comeback from her early morning walk!

The Plain of Jars in Phonsavan Laos were amazing and an intriguing tourist attraction. They were stone man-made jars in the middle of no-where, large enough to fit me in and a few others more. They were huge!

What were they made for? Were they used as jam jars for giants? Did people hide in them..? Who knows and it remains a mystery!

All the time we were in Phonsavan, we were aware that this was the most bombed country with over 600,000 unexploded cluster bombs sill waiting to explode. We found out about the "Secret War" that killed and still is killing so many Laos people. All because the Americans decided to get rid of their cluster bombs and out of a hat, picked Laos to drop them on. Obviously, they denied everything until their own people started telling on them. It as so sad, especially as you see so many kids disabled, due to them playing with bombs they have found in the field or near their homes.

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15th September 2012

Thanks for this bootcamped Rajgy! Sounds+looks amazing+crikey what a situation tut tut. Have u got pic o jars wiv 1 o u beside so we can get sense o scale? Big love xxx
15th September 2012

Soz babe jus realised that its u standin in a jar lol they r BIG XXX
20th September 2012

Cheeky just seen your comments about me getting up early - who found nice breakfast places, who found buddha park???? You loved me getting up really XXX

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