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Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars March 21st 2015

My pickup finally arrived at Laos Haven Hotel, half an hour late, in a beat-up old bus. He dropped me off at the bus station where I was told as I was the only person travelling from Vang Vieng to Phonsavan that day, I had to wait for the local bus travelling through from Vientiane to arrive. I couldn't pin him down to an arrival time - 'sometimes early, sometimes late' is as good as it got. So, the ticket I bought for a seat on an air conditioned mini bus has now become a much cheaper seat on an un-airconditioned local bus, but nothing I can do about that. When it finally arrived, I was relieved to see one vacant seat along the back row, which I claimed, and I was the only Westerner on ... read more
The Plain of Jars - Site 1
Hmong Village outside Phonsavan
Hmong Village outside Phonsavan

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars December 20th 2013

Aujourd'hui, changement de guesthouse. Pas de chambre pour 3, alors on se prend une chambre double. Un lit pour 3, au-moins on a des chances d'avoir moins froid et en plus ils nous ont prêté une couette en plus, eux. Un café vite avalé et on part pour la plaine des jarres. La Plaine des Jarres, ben, euh, c'est une plaine avec... des jarres. L'intérêt, c'est que comme les Moaïs de l'Ile de Pâques ou l'alignement de menhirs à Carnac, un grand mystère entoure ses jarres. Elles seraient vieilles de 2000 ou 3000 ans et plusieurs versions existent pour expliquer leur présence. Tout d'abord, il faut préciser que l'on n'a retrouvé ces jarres que dans cette région précise du Laos, à l'Est du pays, et que sa proximité avec le Vietnam fait que cette région a ... read more
Plaine des Jarres (site n°2)

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars August 15th 2012

So my sister Shanta and friend Manjula have joined me for the rest of Laos and Cambodia. I knew when my energetic sister arrived there would be no laid back traveling, as I have been doing up till now. Since she has joined me, I have been up at 7 am every morning and ready for breakfast by the time she has comeback from her early morning walk! The Plain of Jars in Phonsavan Laos were amazing and an intriguing tourist attraction. They were stone man-made jars in the middle of no-where, large enough to fit me in and a few others more. They were huge! What were they made for? Were they used as jam jars for giants? Did people hide in them..? Who knows and it remains a mystery! All the time we were ... read more

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars April 13th 2012

We had a brief stay in PHonsavan which was so interesting learning a bit about the Laos recent history, and the "secret" war with America. This area was heavily bombed for 9 years when America was at war with Vietnam and is still heavily affected by millions of unexploded bombs (UXO's). The Plain of Jars that we visited is one of the few sites which has been completely cleared, for tourism purposes and while we there we had to keep within markers so we didn't venture into uncleared territory. It was a very mysterious place with stone jars from 500BC which no one is too sure why their there. Archaologists guess that it may have been to do with burial rituals. There are myths of giant gods who used them for making Lao Lao (a famous ... read more
Paul in a jar!!
Plain of Jars
Rachel in a jar....

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars January 31st 2012

31st Jan ’12 Luang Prabang to Phonsavan (home of the Plain of Jars) Time to hit the road again, this time by tuk tuk (which was actually late this time) to the bus station and then by minibus to Phonsavan which was supposed to take about 8 hours. The minibus was a bit of a surprise as it was actually pretty large, newish and had only 8 seats in the back. The luggage all went on the roof and as there was only 9 passengers (1 went in the front) we all had a good bit of space. Not so good was the fact there were no head rests (and when you are jolting along for 8 hours this would have helped the old neck) and the small Lao boy who was travelling with us was ... read more
Plain of Jars
Plain of Jars
Plain of Jars

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars August 12th 2010

Thursday, 12th August Now then. Bus journeys. Usually uneventful and usually no-one gives a sh*t so I just gloss over them. Today's was testament to the absolute ineptitude of the South East Asian transport system so far it would be a complete injustice to every other transportation system in the Universe (including the cross Saturn X34 route) to not document it. It started early (as always), 20 minutes before scheduled. No I will not get on the bus in just a towel Mr. Busman. Waiting on the bus for us to show up was an Israeli girl with no ticket and was bullied onto this minibus in the greatest miscommunication since sitcoms were banned from mocking deaf people. She had a ticket for a real bus in 45 minutes, and the bus station is not close ... read more
Unexploded ordnance warning!!!
Jar site 2
Jars covered in bullet holes

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars May 1st 2010

LAOS-PHONSAVAN-XIENG KHOUANG-PLAIN OF JARS... Xieng Khounag has been the only place I have to come where the weather has been dry and cool in 22 degrees Celcius...Hail the Lord...It brought tears to my eyes...I checked into the hotel and arranged for a ride to the plains. First to site 1 then to site 2. There are many jar locations. These two along with site number 3 are the ones that are open to the tourist. It was drizzling a little when we started the ride, but by the time we (The driver and I) got to the site 1 it was all clear and cool...They are impressive and their mystery adds to their magic and beauty...What was there purpose, how were they lifted to the top of the hills, etc...The area of Xieng Khoung was heavily ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 8
Photo 6

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars March 26th 2010

Ich bin in Phonsavan und es ist eiskalt! Nur 18°C abends und es herrscht ein eisiger Wind, so dass es sich noch kälter anfühlt. "18°C sind doch angenehme Temperaturen", werdet Ihr nach Eurem kalten Winter jetzt wahrscheinlich sagen, ich rede aber nicht von angenehmen Erster-Frühlingstag-und-endlich-Sonne-18-Grad, sondern von Mitte-August-und-seit-zwei-Wochen-nur-Regen-und-wann-wird's-mal-wieder-richtig-Sommer-18-Grad! Ich machte für einen Tag Zwischenstation hier, weil ich mir die Ebene der Tonkrüge anschauen wollte. Der deutsche Name ist eigentlich nicht ganz korrekt. Eigentlich handelt es sich um riesige Steinkrüge, die an drei Standorten in der Umgebung von Phonsavan scheinbar wahllos in der Gegend herumliegen. Sie stammen von einer Megalithkultur und sind ungefähr zweitausend Jahre alt. Ihr genauer Sinn und Zweck ist noch nicht ganz geklärt. Es spricht einiges dafür, ... read more
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Photo 2
Photo 3

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars March 2nd 2010

Because we were due to fly out again this afternoon Tey arranged to meet us at 7.30am this morning. He was most concerned that we did not have jackets because it was so cold. He may have been feeling the cold this morning, but we thought that it was blissfully cool!! From the hotel we drove to the Visitor Information Centre only to find it was still closed. As an official UNESCO-trained guide, Tey has to purchase a permit each time that he is taking tourists to visit the jars. After a very short wait, during which a couple of calls were made, a staff member arrived to open up the visitor centre. With our permit purchased we were on our way to Site No. 2. Site No. 2 is about 25km south of Phonsovan. The ... read more
Site 2a
Site 2a
Site 2a

Asia » Laos » East » Plain of Jars January 27th 2010

Keith and I signed up for a trial-run of a brand new trek, trek being the word used here for a long-hike through the jungle. An ‘ecolodge’ had been built in a poor, remote village in the jungle with the idea that money could be brought to this community by having tourists trek through the jungle to get to it. Tourists would pay to stay in the village, to have the villagers cook for them, as well as pay local tour guides to show them the way. We were told the trip would be two days of hiking through the jungle, with an overnight stay in a Hmong tribe village. I’d always wanted to try doing this, as there are many such treks for sale in LPB, but they usually cost $50. This one, since it ... read more
Wee in the foreground, Frankie in the background
A Jar Gone Back to Nature
Natural Jar

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