Happy New Years from Kyrgyzstan!!!!

This journal has been deleted.
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2nd January 2015
Lenin’s New Years Tree

Happy New Year!
What a festive, fun celebration! How great that the Kyrgys combine all the best of holidays into one big blowout. I love it that Merry Jo and Dave sent you a care box--so amazing. I love it that Akmaral loved her bubbles, and that you have that sweet feeling toward her and all your family there. However, that horse sausage was the nastiest thing I've ever seen--you are a trooper for eating it. Best wishes for a grand new year with you soon speaking Kyrg and/or Russian like a native.
3rd January 2015

Happy New Year!
I loved reading about your Kyrgyz New Year celebrations...horse sausage and all! Wishing you a safe, adventurous and happy 2015 x
4th January 2015

Happy New Year Emily
It seems sad that people cannot express their religious beliefs but they have found a great way around it. There is always a work around for any problem. I love your description of the combination of holidays and how they have merged into one. What an amazing life experience. I know it is tough to be away from friends and family at this time of year but you are doing such good work. Continue to embrace this wonderful opportunity. Loved your story about Chong Ata. See forcing yourself to stay up late (well after a nap) provides rewards, champagne! Keep blogging and enjoying life.

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